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Cowboy Bob brings his safety message to students

By Staff | Apr 7, 2010

Serious injuries, child abductions and internet predators are not comical topics but the use of humor and music helped students at Arthur I. Boreman and Sistersville Elementary Schools reinforce the safety concepts such as bike and Internet safety and what to do when a stranger approaches them.

Clad in a red, white and blue western shirt, accompanied by bright red boots and a hat, Bob “Cowboy Bob” Gora entertained children in kindergaten through fifth grade with original music and props that included a computer, his fiddle and several silly hats.

At two separate assemblies in Tyler County, Gora told the students not to let a stranger get close. When one approached them, they were to run.

Then, when Cowboy Bob pretended to be a stranger, holding a leash and acting as if he lost his dog, he walked toward the 20 or so students helping him with the demonstration.

At first, they stood there, looking at him and listening to his story. One by one they started to move back and finally they started running and screaming.

When the children were asked how many have used a computer, just about every hand was raised.

Gora said the computer can be used for a lot of things, but he warned the children to be careful about strangers on the Internet. Here are some of the tips for computer use:

— Children should always ask permission to use the computer;

— The computer should be in an open area;

— Children should never give out their names or family members’ names, passwords; addresses or phone numbers;

— Never send a photo online; and

— Never agree to meet with anyone online.

“Tell a parent or trusted adult if anyone asks you to send a photo or asks to meet you,” Gora said.

Bike safety also was part of the program. Gora told them to always wear a helmet, always keep two hands on the handlebars, only one person on a bike and obey all signs.

Gora, from Michigan, travels throughout his state, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois and West Virginia on behalf of the National Child Safety Council putting on Safety Pup presentations.

AIB and SES students would like to thank local law enforcement for bringing the entertaining and informative presentation to the schools.