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Tyler board votes to purchase clocks

By Staff | Nov 4, 2009

The Tyler County Board of Education handled a light agenda on Monday evening, voting to accept a $2,500 donation from the school’s athletic accounts to go towards the purchase of a new Daktronic 25′ football scoreboard and two 25-second end zone clocks.

The money will be added to the $15,000 donation made by the Union Bank of Tyler County.

Also on the agenda for the meeting was the approval of McKinley and Associates service and fees proposal to begin the planning stages of the County Commission’s bus garage construction.

“We need to know exactly how much this is going to cost,” stated board member Jimmy Wyatt.

Treasurer Jeff Davis stated that McKinley and Associates will come and perform the preliminary stages for the project that include flood plane evaluation, core sampling of soil in that area, and a development budget plan made by the county commission.

“It will be a slow process, but the architects say that it is better to take things slow. That way the job will be done right,” said Superintendent Jeff Hoover.

The board approved the recommendation.

Davis also gave an update on the purchase card, stating that the credit card will be used for rentals, internet purchases and hotel accommodations for employees of the Tyler County Schools in the future.

In the past, the employees used their own credit cards and the purchase cards will make it easier on the reimbursements to the teachers.

Board member Ken Hunt asked Davis what is the limit on the credit card. Davis stated that United Bank has not established a limit yet.

Davis also stated that no loss tax revenue with these cards have been reported. “We don’t do a lot of internet buying because in the past, we had to fill out credit card applications and this will eliminate all of that.”

In other news, Darlene Koerber and Charlene Galluzzo were recognized by the board members for the Midwest District Physical Education Teachers of the Year award.