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Board considers new scoreboard

By Staff | Oct 21, 2009

The Tyler County Board of Education may consider the purchase of a new scoreboard for the football stadium.


Staff Writer

Tyler Consolidated football fans could see another scoreboard for the field in the near future if Principal Kent Yoho gets his way.

Yoho went before the board on Monday to suggest the purchase of a new scoreboard for the school. He stated the one that they have now is 16 years old and is hardwired. “Sometimes we have to jump-start it to get it working,” he explained.

According to Yoho, the new scoreboard would be wireless but could be hardwired if a problem arises. It would also have LED lights that would only use 17.6 amps, where the old board uses 220 amps.

The purchase price for the new scoreboard agreed upon by the board would cost $19,489. Yoho reported that Union Bank has donated $15,000 towards the purchase.

Some of the board members were concerned with the price of repairing the old one. “The electrical problem we are having with the old one can’t be fixed”, stated Yoho.

Jeff Davis commented that the conduit keeps filling up with water, causing a problem.

“The new one measures in at 25 feet long and the old one is 27 feet long, and the new one would be lighter”, stated Yoho.

The board members agreed to table the final decision for the purchase of the new scoreboard until the next meeting.

Amanda Spencer, a concerned parent, addressed the board with concerns about the drug problem in Tyler County. Katrina Byers from the Family Resource Center was there to offer Spencer support.

Yoho informed Spencer and the board the teachers were aware of the problem and they do not put up with it. “We are teaching our kids about the effects of doing drugs and drinking while driving”, stated Yoho. Spencer suggested more community awareness and more seminars with people who know first-hand about the consequences that come with doing drugs and drinking. Spencer said that the community needs to get more involved with being aware of their children’s activities and their whereabouts.

Melinda Walton presented the board with the second month attendance report. She reported a slight increase instead of a decrease. “We are holding steady”, said Walton.

There are 1,482 students enrolled this month and last month there were 1,479.

Walton also gave the calculation of graduation rate for this school year. An accurate method of calculating graduation rates that is uniform across the states is necessary to improve high school accountability. The final regulations define the “four-year adjusted cohort graduation rate” as the number of students who graduate in four years with a regular high school diploma divided by the number of students who entered four years earlier.

The next regular meeting will be held on Monday, Nov. 2 beginning at 7 p.m.