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Moffitt returns to court for sentencing

By Staff | Oct 7, 2009

The final sentence for a Sistersville woman who pleaded guilty to attempting to operate clandestine drug laboratory will be delayed as Circuit Judge Mark A. Karl considers arguments in the case.

Karl heard arguments Thursday morning in the Tyler County Circuit Court from the Prosecuting Attorney Luke Furbee and George J. Cosenza, attorney for Jennifer A. Moffitt, 31, of Pleasant Ridge Road.

On Aug. 18 Moffitt pleaded guilty to the charge, reduced from the felony of operating a clandestine drug laboratory.

The Tyler County Sheriff’s Office served a warrant on Moffitt on July 17, 2008, at 301 Main Street, Middlebourne, Apt. 2. During the raid, the investigating officer, Cpl. Shannon Huffman along with assistance from the West Virginia State Police, Sistersville Police Department, Drug Enforcement Agency, and Ohio County Sheriff’s Office, found acid, lye, acetone, match boxes, empty packages of the over the counter drug Sudafed and equipment to operate a clandestine laboratory. Moffitt was housed in the North Central Regional Jail on $100,000 cash bond and later released on home confinement as a condition of bond. Furbee started his arguments by saying, “We need to send a message to others that we will not put up with meth labs in this county. Ms. Moffitt chose to operate a meth lab within close proximities to a public library, a funeral home, the Magistrate’s office and a house of worship, not to mention other infant children in the same building where she was renting an apartment. Where is justice for this community?” asked Furbee. “We’re not talking about a pot plant growing in a window, we’re talking about manufacturing a meth lab in her apartment.”

Cosenza then stated, “She pleaded guilty to attempting to operate a meth lab. Moffitt attempted to make meth and failed. This young woman got involved in the wrong crowd.”

Cosenza continued, portraying Moffitt as a good citizen and a good mother before that time. He argued that since serving 59 days in the North Central Regional Jail, she has been on home confinement for the past year as a condition of her bond.

“She has transformed her life. She has not violated her home confinement probation and she has completed drug and alcohol programs,” Cosenza stated.

He also told the court Moffitt has passed every drug test performed while on home confinement by Probation Officer John Lantz.

Moffitt stood before Karl stating, “I am very remorseful for what I have done and I have made some bad decisions in the past that I regret.”

Judge Karl stated there will be punishment in spite of her remorse. “I assure you, I will not let you get away with this. You will be punished,” said Karl.

Karl closed the court with a sentence to be handed down on Oct. 21 at 11 a.m.