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Board considers purchase of ‘knight’ for school grounds

By Staff | Sep 23, 2009

Tyler Consolidated Middle/High School could see a new knight on the school grounds.

April Northcraft addressed the Board of Education at the most recent meeting held Monday evening. Northcraft said she has done some research and found a statue with a knight on a horse to erect at the school. “I have talked with some of the other parents and they would also like to see a statue put up again to signify that we are the knights,” stated Northcraft.

The old one, which stood at the end of the football field, rusted over the years and had to be taken down.

According to Northcraft, a new statue has been located in New York. “The company that has it is offering it to us at half off the price which would be $1,115. That is a very good price,” Northcraft said.

There is still the issue of transporting the item from New York to Tyler County. Northcraft told the board members that her husband could use his truck and go get it, but also stated she will check into other possible shipping methods.

Though the board members had some concerns regarding the purchase of the new statue, Northcraft said she was going to go around to local businesses and try to get funding for the new statue.

Another concern expressed by the board was the material from which the statue was made and whether or not it would last. Northcraft said the one she found is made out of restine and they could paint a clear coat on it to preserve it.

The other question the board members had is where to put it. Northcraft’s son, Brody, suggested setting it in the grassy area by the lower parking lot before the walkway to the football field. She also said Krista DeVaughn, Tyler Consolidated High School vice principal, suggested setting in by the hedges that spell “Knights”.

The board suggested having the students take a vote on where to put the new statue, though no decision has been made.

Amanda Kimble was also present at the meeting to give an update on the quarterly safety report. She stated she has been in contact with BrickStreet and they showed her a Web site of a staff development program. This program will monitor if someone is on worker’s compensation and Kimble can keep record of it.

“I think it’s going to be a real nice program,” said Kimble. Protective ear and eye wear was also a topic. The Web site can show how to properly use them.

Kimble also gave an update on the security door project that took place over the summer months. “The project is doing well. As far as completion, I look for it to be in mid-October,” she stated.

Another topic of discussion was the congestion at the concession stands operated during the home football games.

“I personally will not go down,” replied Hoover.

All the board members agreed there are some changes that need to be made to alleviate the long wait. Board Member Jimmy Wyatt suggested a reduction of items being sold. Another member suggested opening up more windows for faster service.

The need for more workers is a necessity for the number of crowds that the home games draw. “We need to fix this and fix it fast,” said Wyatt.

The next regular meeting will be held on Oct. 5 at 7:30 p.m. at the Tyler County Board of Education Office at Tyler Consolidated High School.