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Security beefed up at schools

By Staff | Aug 26, 2009

LOCK DOWN — Thanks to grant monies and the installation of new equipment, Tyler County Schools are more secure.

During the past few months, the Tyler County Board of Education has been completing a county-wide renovation of its exterior doors and school security system.

To date, almost all exterior doors and door hardware have been replaced while also upgrading to an electronic keyless card access system for employees to enter the school buildings. In front of each school, security bollards have been positioned for additional safety factors.

At the beginning the new school year, all schools will now remain locked down during school hours requiring all visitors to buzz-in at the main entrance and identify themselves before being granted access into the building. When a visitor pushes the intercom button, a camera will activate allowing verbal and visual communication to immediately begin with the front desk receptionist. The outside doors at the main entrance of all schools will be unlocked so visitors can enter the vestibule area, out of the weather, where they will push the intercom button in order to be granted access to enter the school building.

Nothing in Tyler County is more precious than the safety of the children. Tyler County Schools would like for the public to share in their excitement over the new county-wide exterior door security project. This summer-long endeavor was made possible through state grant funding awarded by the West Virginia School Building Authority in the form of a Major Improvement Project.