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Middlebourne struggles to fix water leaks

By Staff | Aug 12, 2009

Water loss continues to plague the citizens of Middlebourne as city employees are finding more water leaks every day.

“If the water comes up to the surface then it is easy to find the leaks, but if it doesn’t, then we don’t know where the leaks are and that makes it frustrating. It needs to be resolved,” stated Mayor Gayla Fisher.

There are four fire hydrants in the town of Middlebourne that are leaking and they are losing a considerable amount of water each month. “We are losing roughly 42 percent each month, that’s about $800 to $900 a month,” said Dave Smith, treasurer.

The mayor asked for approval in the amount of $3,000 for the parts to fix the fire hydrants. “This needs to be done soon so we can get a good flushing done to the water lines,” stated Fisher.

Fisher told the council that H.D. Supply Water Works from Stonewood, W.Va., is willing to come and fix the water problem with the fire hydrants free of charge. The money paid out would be for the parts only. The motion was approved.

Did Slider attended the meeting to give an update on Hillbilly Days in September during Labor Day weekend. Slider asked the council for sponsorship in the amount of $400 for the rest of the materials needed to complete the event.

Bob Clem, council member, said, “Hillbilly Days is a very good thing for the town of Middlebourne.” He made the motion to award the committee the donation. The award was granted.

Slider is also asking for volunteers to help set up tables, prepare the gym floor, set up decorations, pick up trash, help deliver chicken dinners, etc. Students can get community service for helping the Hillbilly Days committee get ready for the big event.

On another note, Fisher said the grant for the Main Street Project has been received in the amount of $250,000. This is the official design phase only. “No set date yet,” stated Fisher.

The council also asked for approval on appointing John Farhatt and Bill Jenkins to the water/sewage board. Farhatt has served on the board in the past. Farhatt would be appointed for a three-year term and Jenkins would be appointed for a two-year term. The motion was accepted.

Clem informed council he would like to see the curfew in town be enforced. “I can hear teenagers out on the street all hours of the night,” he said.

The town of Middlebourne formerly enforced the curfew but it is not being enforced any longer. According to Clem, it is beginning to be a problem again.

Fisher said the issue is being addressed by the Sheriff’s office.