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Teens offer eclectic mix

By Staff | Jul 29, 2009

TALENTED TEENS — Comprised of four talented teenage boys, South of the River is sure to entertain Tyler County Fair goers. The band is set to open for headliner, Randy Houser, at 7:30 p.m. on Aug. 7.

A group of talented teenagers will take the Tyler County Fair by storm at 7:30 p.m. on Aug. 7 as they open for headlining country act, Randy Houser.

South of the River is made up of four boys from the southern part of Wood County who started playing their instruments when they were 12 and 13. Matt Enoch, Austin Clark, Adam Spaur and Wyatt McClead kept bugging their parents about starting a band. Finally their parents thought, “Let’s give them a shot”, though they didn’t think it would last.

In March 2006, the group had their first practice and much to their parent’s surprise, it didn’t sound that bad. From that time, the boys continued practicing and playing together perfecting a sound all their own. The band had their first performance in Spring of 2006, playing for the Sandyville Relay for Life.

By ages 13 and 14, South of the River was playing reguarly for local benefits and events. Almost a year after their first practice, they recorded their first CD titled “Overflow”.

The success of the freshman album propelled the band further into the local spotlight scoring them more gigs and more fans.

By 2007, they were playing events such as the Parkersburg Homecoming, were runners-up in the Colegate Country Showdown and had won their first talent show at the Bellesville Homecoming.

In the past two years South of the River has added to their repertoire, opening for country stars such as Jason Michael Carroll and Luke Bryan.

With a sound that is a fine cocktail of the country and southern rock covers that reflect each member’s musical tastes, the band also performs original songs written by Lead Singer Enoch and the band’s guitar player Clark such as “Flatbed Truck”.

“Our music is a mixture of every band member’s style be it bluegrass, heavy metal, country or rock,” explained Enoch. Personally, he looks up to artists like Jason Aldean and follows after their particular loud-country style, quite by accident.

As for the future of South of the River, the band’s lead singer is leaving it up to chance. “We will take what we can get until we can’t get it anymore. We are fine where we are and if we stay on this level we will continue to do it for the love of the music. But one day, we might want to go to Nashville,” said Enoch.

For now the band is thrilled to be playing for the fair goers in Tyler County. “It’s a big deal for us,” Enoch concluded.

For more information or bookings call 304-482-9511, 304-481-3751, 304-483-8201 or 304-482-6230 or visit www.myspace.com/southoftheriverband.