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Grants received, more on the way

By Staff | Jul 29, 2009

The Tyler County Commission had a lot on the table at their meeting on July 28, at 9 a.m.

Prosecuting Attorney Luke Furbee was there on behalf of establishing a county building commission. “This would be a public corporation,” stated Furbee. “The objective of this commission would be for future projects.”

The building commission would be made up of three to five people with terms of five years.

According to Furbee, the Board of Education is looking to build a new school bus facility in the future and the county building commission would help with that project. It would also help with other projects in the future.

The commissioners decided to be put on the table for a later time.

Meanwhile, Domenick Cerroni from Cerroni and Associates was on hand to discuss the Courthouse Annex Building and renovations.

The proposal of the new Annex Building would allow all centers, including the Magistrate’s office, Prosecutor’s office and the 911 center to be all in one building.

Commission Vice President John Stender stated, “The buildings that they are currently in are old and it would be nice to have them all in one spot.

The proposed annex would be built where the parking lot is now with a walkway over the alley . To aid in handicap accessibility, an elevator installed to the second floor for easy access.

Stender said, “The cost of this new building would be roughly two million dollars. The last time that the courthouse had any thing like this done to it was back in 1970 and it definitely needs some improvements.”

MOVRC Grant Coordinator Tim Meeks from the MOVRC told the commissioners he would look into grants the commission might to eligible to receive for the project.

Meeks also updated the commission on the progress at the Valley Grange .

Commission President Charles “Pork” Smith remarked,” The building looks really good.”

Meeks said the Commission would receive $4,000 from the Development Office toward the project.

Additionally, the Tyler County Fair Board Community Partnership would receive $3,999.39 in grant money.

Commissioner Robert Wable gave the budget revision. In the expenditures under the law enforcement, Wable noted that the cost of adding a new deputy sheriff for the town of Middlebourne would be $40,140.

Sheriff Bob Kendle stated that they are waiting on the go-ahead from the Attorney General’s Office before proceeding.

Stender then gave an update on the clock in the tower at the courthouse that the commission has been working fervently to repair. “I spoke to the contractor who is fixing the clock and he will be here July 31, and work on it through Aug. 2. He will be working on putting the face back on but he will be back in a couple of weeks to finish up the job,” Stender stated.

For added convenience, the courthouse will be observing extended hours the first Thursday of every month from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. starting on August 6.

The next meeting will be held on Aug. 11 in the commission chambers in Middlebourne.