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Rodriguez hired for music

By Staff | Jul 8, 2009

The Board of Education voted Monday to hire Sarah Rodriquez as the new Music Specialist for Sistersville Elementary School.

She worked two years in Webster County and one year in Wetzel.

The members also discussed the ACT Explore/Plan results for the 2008-09 school year.

The average content scores for Tyler County students were as follows:

Eighth grade: first place in English, tied for third in Math, tied for third in Reading and tied for second in Science and first place in Composite.

Sophomores: first place in English, first in Math, first in Reading, tied for first in Science and first place in Composite.

Superintendent Jeff Hoover was pleased with these results.

According to Vice Principal Krista DeVaughn, the sprinkler system is done and ready to go.

“The system installed on the football field is going according to plans. They let it run through the pipes before they covered it up to make sure that it worked,” stated DeVaughn.

The budget for this project was $4,000, but that amount only provided the materials. Labor and some of the materials were donated.

DeVaughn said that it is starting to look so much better and she is really pleased with the system so far.

The only concern the board had about the system was the water level in the creek which feeds the sprinkler system.

DeVaughn eased their fears by explaining that a flotation device called a “dirty value” was installed. This device will keep it from getting embedded in the creek bed so the system will not get clogged up. If the creek goes go dry, the city water is plugged into the school system as a backup.