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Board thanks retirees

By Staff | Jun 3, 2009

SERVING THE COMMUNITY — The Board of Education honored a special group of teachers during their most recent meeting. The teachers, who are retiring at the close of the school year represent over 194 years of service to Tyler County Schools. They are Fran Fluharty, 32 years of service; Charlie Delauder, 36 years of service; Larry Richie, 38 years of service; Linda Hooley, 34 years of service; Becki Ferrebee, 26 years of service; and Lana Williamson, 28 years of service.

It was a special meeting for the Tyler County Board of Education Monday evening at Sistersville Elementary School for six teachers.

That’s where Charlie Delauder, Becki Ferrebee, Fran Fluharty, Linda Hooley, Larry Richie and Lana Williamson were honored as retirees for 2009.

“On behalf of the Board of Education and all of the students’ lives you have touched while working in the Tyler County school system, I’d like to thank all of you for your loyal years of service,” said President Linda Hoover.

“The board would like to present you with a couple tokens of our appreciation.”

They were soon presented with life-long passes to events at Tyler Consolidated Middle and High Schools and a certificate of appreciation.

Overall, the retirees represent a total of nearly 200 years of service to Tyler County schools.

Richie has taught the most over his career, totalling 38 years, followed by Delauder with 36, Hooley with 34, Fluharty with 32, Williamson with 28, and Ferrebee with 26. Added all together, the aforementioned six educators have taught a total of 194 years.

“The board wishes all of you good health and happiness during your retirement,” added Hoover at the end of the ceremony.

Jan Kirk, Kent Yoho and Krista DeVaughn were credited and thanked for creating the passes that were presented.

In other business, a motion was carried for student accident insurance for the 2009-2010 school year. The company Security Life will handle student insurance if parents are interested. It is insisted for athletes if there is no other source of insurance already available.

Approval of requests were granted to Rick and Dawn Myers that their children be released from Tyler County Schools in order to attend Wetzel County Schools for the upcoming school year, pending approval of the Wetzel County Board of Education.

Barbara Slider’s request for permission for the Tyler County Master Gardeners to use the gym or a classroom at Sistersville Elementary School for a beekeeping seminar on June 6 was also granted.

Tyler Consolidated Head Softball Coach Charlene Galluzzo was granted a personnel request for professional leave on June 4 to attend the WVSSAC Softball Coaches Committee meeting in Parkersburg.

Scott Wall’s resignation as the head baseball coach at Tyler Consolidated High School was carried.

Ed Underwood, Preston Ferrell, Alana Strode, Greg Goodfellow, Steve Eastham, Herb Efaw, Brian Glover, Steve Hamilton, Kenny Lancaster, Tim Patterson, Jake Roberts, Joe Snyder Jr., Charles Young, Brad Ash, Kay Weekley, Lisa Bowen, Lisa George, and Barb Stokes were all approved for employment.