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Money will fund PRO program

By Staff | May 27, 2009

Governor Joe Manchin announced recently, he has awarded $55,000.00, in West Virginia Purdue Pharma Asset Forfeiture Grant Funds to the Tyler County Commission on behalf of the Tyler County Board of Education.

These funds will be used to place a full-time officer in Tyler Consolidated Middle/High School.

The officer will facilitate non-traditional classes, provide safe school environments for students, prevent crime in schools, mentor students, provide knowledge of criminal justice issues, and improve drug and alcohol awareness in the school.

Purdue Pharma Asset Forfeiture Funds are awarded pursuant to and consistent with the Governor’s “Plan for a drug-free West Virginia: A strategic spending plan for the state’s Purdue Pharma Asset Forfeiture Funds”.

This is an aggressive action plan developed to coordinate strategic anti-drug initiatives to include (1) targeted prevention strategies to stop drug addiction before it starts; (2) enhanced substance abuse treatment options; and, (3) heightened resources for law enforcement to combat drug abuse throughout the state.

These funds are administered to schools by the West Virginia Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS).

Deputy Scott Dalrymple currently serves the school as the resource officer.