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Middlebourne completes Main Street phase one

By Staff | Feb 11, 2009

The first phase of the Town of Middlebourne’s Main Street project has been completed.

C.L. Peiffer and Associates was hired Jan. 14 as contractor for the project. The contract included six different tasks. Mayor Gayla Fisher received the invoice for the first phase, which included master planning and schematic design.

“I just thought I’d let you know he did send an invoice in for $6,000 for task number one, which has been completed,” said Fisher to the Middlebourne Town Council at their monthly meeting Feb. 9. “We have that ready to go and in order.”

The other phases include: project surveying for no additional fee as long as no additional work is added; $7,500 for design development, $13,500 for construction documents; $3,000 for bidding; and $7,500 for construction observation and administration. The grand total for the project is $37,500.

The project includes new handicapped-accessible sidewalks and curbs, moving the utility poles off the street, new street fixtures, and other infrastructure projects.

The sign that the West Virginia Department of Transportation and Division of Highways asked the city to purchase is almost ready to be picked up.

The state is requiring a sign to be placed at the beginning of the Middlebourne Streetscape project detailing the project. Council approved up to $400 for the sign and gave the mayor authorization to pick up the supplies. Melissa Atkinson was solicited to create the sign.

“Melissa called me and said the sign should be ready any time now,” said Fisher. “I’m sure I’ll be hearing from her in the next couple of days.”

The city is still currently trying to find the source of a water leak. Back in October the city paid for emergency repairs to their waterline out Rt. 18. Fisher is asking residents to keep an eye out for the leak.

“The gentleman from West Virginia Rural Water was due in on the 20th. It just so happened that we had a lot of ice and snow and everything that day, so that didn’t help us as far as being able to find leaks. Our employees are on it and actually going from meter to meter to meter all over town.”

Fisher asks that residents who detect leaks call the city building.

In new business, the town voted to replace their aging dump truck. The Water and Sewage Board wants to purchase a 2001 GMC dump truck for $13,900.

“It’s got 33,000 miles on it, so it’s basically new,” commented Town Treasurer Dave Smith.

The purchase was tabled last month, but brought back for further consideration.

“Our dump truck has seen better days. It needs to be released. It’s done,” remarked Fisher.

The town also voted to buy stop sign decals. The stop signs in the town are in bad shape, but new signs cost $150 a piece. Stop sign decals can be placed on top of the old signs, and only cost $47 a piece. The town wants to purchase six decals for $285 total.

“Some of them are getting pretty bad and need to be replaced,” said Fisher.