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Sistersfest — Heroes in Disguise

By Staff | Mar 22, 2017

Photo Provided Wilma Westfall, Betsy Westfall, Karen Lancaster, and Amy Witschey gathered at the annual Sistersfest.

SISTERSVILLE?- Sisters gathered near and far this past weekend as the annual Sistersfest took place in Sistersville. This years theme was Heros & Villains and sisters from all over showed up to play their roles. Some of the events included and appetizer and dessert contest where participants would vote on their favorite appetizer, dessert, and which food best fit the theme for the weekend.

Following the dessert contest, there was a variety show in which participants could sing, dance, read a poem, perform a skit, or display any other talents they had to compete for a grand prize. After Saturday’s luncheon, the sisters gathered together to host a costume ball which offered a variety of prizes to be won. Vendors were on site to provide items for purchase throughout the weekend in casethe sisters wanted to buy jewelry or Scentcy for each other.It was a great opportunity for friends and sisters everywhere to get together in celebration. There was a great turn out from the community for the weekend and plans are already in the making for next year.

Kelley Solomon, granddaughter of Adam and Shannon Kelly of Sistersville, gave a speech expressing, “This weekend’s theme is heroes and villains. I want to concentrate on the heroes. I bet you that there are a lot of people in this room who are lucky enough to have their hero sitting near them tonight.

Maybe their hero is a sister, a friend, a mother or a grandmother.” Solomon continued, “Gatherings like Sisters Fest are important. It is important that we celebrate with one another and that we celebrate each other. Sisters by birth or by happenstance, these gatherings remind of us of the support and love we have in our lives. Some of us even get to be with our heroes this weekend and maybe some of us will take the love and support that we have experienced this weekend and take that out into the world to be a hero to someone else.”