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Middlebourne Council Receives Check for Parks Department

By Staff | Mar 22, 2017

Photo Provided by Mike Galluzzo City Council Member Vera Henthorn, April Black (EQT), Mayor Charles Delauder, Kevin Fike (EQT), John Baker (EQT)

Middlebourne City Council members met on Monday March 13 where they were presented a check from EQT in the amount of $15,000 to go towards the Park and Recreation Department of Middlebourne. EQT representative April Black stated, “EQT has a longstanding commitment to giving back to our neighbors in the areas where we operate. As one of the largest energy companies, we play an important role in developing West Virginia’s abundant source of natural gas and the area in and around Middlebourne is an essential part of that.”

Roseanne Eastham of the Middlebourne Library gave a report where she mentioned that the circulation numbers are down from last year but that could be due to the fact that more people are borrowing e-books. She also mentioned that computer usage is down because there are not as many abstractors.

Eastham spoke of several craft nights held throughout the year which brought in several attendees. There was a total of 74 people who participated in the Valentines craft night, 52 people for the Easter craft show, 62 people for the at the Spring craft night, 89 people for the Halloween craft night, 17 people for craft 4 & 5, and 69 people for the Thanksgiving craft night for a total of 363 attendees for the year. Also, the summer reading program offered 6 programs with 119 children and 63 adults in attendance.

Mayor Delauder reported that the PSC report for water has been filed and they are moving forward once again with the water project. It was also mentioned that there was a light out in the water plant that will have to be replaced.

The sanitary survey has been completed for 2017 and it listed some of the deficiencies with the water project. The major concern is that is that the report indicates that the city should replace all of the transite piping.

It was announced that Steve Forrester’s last day was March 16, 2017, and council members want to wish Steve the very best and thanked him for all of his services throughout the years.

In regards to the new city building, the painting is scheduled to begin shortly. The drywall was anticipated to be finished early last week and so they should be in the process of finishing the painting of the drywall. After the painting is finished, the trim work will be completed and the electrical work will begin.

The mayor anticipates moving into the new building by early April.

The assistant to the Parks and Recreation Department has resigned and so the town of Middlebourne is currently accepting applications.

The city is working on designing a serpentine style walking trail within the park as well as the addition of more play areas for children of all ages. The funding for these projects will come from a Stealey Community Grant. There will also be another shelter added to the park. The next city council meeting is scheduled for April 18 at 7:00 located at the Middlebourne city building.