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4-H Bridge Topic Of Discussion

By Staff | Mar 22, 2017

Tyler County Commissioners met in regular session on March 8, 2017. Commission President Eric Vincent reported that Luke Peters from the Mid Ohio Valley Regional Counsel had spoken with the district WVDOT engineers about the 4-H camp bridge. Vincent said there were different options discussed with prices along with life extensions of the bridge.

It was mentioned that the last time the bridge was painted was in 1989 by Handyman Paint Co. of Sistersville and it would be helpful if records could be found as to how it was done. The Highways is imagining there is lead paint on the bridge and it would have to be scaffold and tented so paint chips don’t get into the creek and that would be something which could add to the costs.

The bridge is 66-67 years old but still in fair condition. The very basic job would be hand cleaning, tighten bolts and paint which would add 10 years life and keep the weight limit at nine tons for an approximate cost of $250,000.

Other options would be more expensive but would also increase the life of the bridge and the weight limit. Keeping the weight limit at nine tons was the general recommendation of the state.

Vincent said they would need to get bids for exact costs. Peters had said there is a program where the state designs and covers 80% of the cost and the commission would bid it out privately and cover 20% of construction. Vincent suggested Peters pursue further information on the 80% program.

Peters also reported on a courthouse security grant. Camel technologies have a few loose ends like a TV in the family court room and they need an outlet in place for the installation. Sheriff Weigle is working on the outlet installation.

Josh Fulks of 911 reported that there is poor image quality with the security cameras when zoomed in, it is not recognizable and does not portray a good image. He said there are no images available from the Magistrate court. He reported the upgrade was to be completed with a change order but stability of the building is now a concern before installation.

The courtroom monitor is still on the floor and needs installed. A podium was suggested but a pole for mounting would be sufficient.

Commissioner Stender reported the open house at the 4-H camp worked out well. He said there was a spaghetti dinner scheduled for Sunday, March 11, from 11-3.

He said paint was bought for the extension office along with flooring and office furniture. Money set aside for extension secretary funding was used in the renovation. Also a sink hole outside will be looked at when weather is better. Dave Snively is the new extension agent.

On a motion by Stender and second by Commissioner Smith, Building Commission re-appointments were tabled.

Ron Hoyt was re-appointed to the Tyler County Public Service District as a board member as his term had expired on December 31, 2016. He was recommended by letter from Robert Patterson, Manager of the Tyler County PSD. The re-appointment was approved on a motion from Smith and second from Stender.

Assessor Jackson Hayes, had the exonerations approved, the County Clerk Neil Archer’s fiduciary report was approved as were the minutes of the February 22, 2017 meeting.

The next commission meeting will be held on March 22, at 9:30 am located at the Tyler County Courthouse in Middlebourne.