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Make a Bid to Attend Ham, Bacon and Egg Show

By Staff | Mar 8, 2017

These Silver Knights hold in their hands the products that will be auctioned off on Thursday at the 67th Annual Tyler County Ham, Bacon and Egg Show and Sale. From left to right, Ally Yoho, Mindy Bell, Brooke Wright and Hali Fluharty display eggs, bacon and ham that the school’s chapter of the Future Farmers of America produced. Photo by Miles Layton

MIDDLEBOURNE — The 67th annual Tyler County Ham, Bacon and Egg Show & Sale takes place Thursday at the high school.

Leon Ammons, a longtime agricultural sciences teacher at TCHS, said the continued interest in the yearly event by students and the community has made it a success.

“These kids have been preparing for this for many months,” he said. “This is our Superbowl!”

Pre-sale buyer reception begins at 5:30 p.m. Folks can taste “real” bacon and have what is truly an amazing home cooked meal before the big auction that begins at 6:30 p.m. – so maybe make plans to buy something to support the school’s Future Farmers of America chapter.

“We host this dinner to show our appreciation for the buyers and community,” said FFA member Ally Yoho.

The following items will be auctioned off to the highest bidder: 75 smoked country cured hams, 75 smoked country cured bacons, 10 dozen farm fresh eggs and 10 loaves of homemade bread.

Kids sell their products to raise money for these students to pursue their academic dreams. Last year, the sale raised a total of $59,020 when local oil and gas companies as well as familiar names in the county came out to bid higher and higher all for a good cause.

Tyler Consolidated’s FFA chapter is probably the biggest group in the school. Like Silver Knights’ varsity athletes, they have letter jackets good ones with embroidery and patches.

“The show is a lot of fun and it gives us a chance to show off our hard work,” FFA member Mindy Bell said.

FFA member Brooke Wright added, “This will help support our college goals.”

Last note about the auction, long ago this writer was editor of a newspaper in Ohio when he got caught up in a bidding war with a local KFC owner to purchase a chicken at that county fair. The student selling the chicken was a brainy brunette, who was also the county’s fair association queen. Though the bidding surpassed my modest means, that didn’t stop me as the bids kept going higher and higher. KFC guy wouldn’t back down and neither would I.

In the end, to quote the movie “Highlander” – “There can be only one.”

For the price I paid for that chicken, I could have bought a freezer full of meat and maybe paid my mortgage on time, but that’s not the point. That high school senior had book money for her first semester at Ohio State University.

Make plans to attend the Ham, Bacon and Egg show. Not only will you make memories, but your money is an investment in the future of these college bound Silver Knights.