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TCHS Winter Court, Sports, Alma

By Staff | Jan 19, 2017

Photo by Ron Heasley Wildcats' Aaron Heasley scored 33 points in Tuesday's game against Clay-Battelle.

Good morning Tyler County.

Sistersville City Council holds a special meeting at 7 p.m. tonight (Thursday) to discuss matters arising from the city’s contract with the fire department as it relates to an emerging ambulance service. Council will deliberate an indemnity clause that would absolve the city from any liability that may be created by this ambulance service a move that will protect the city from potential legal claims.

In sports news, TCHS’ girls’ basketball team defeated Beallsville 64-54 on Wednesday in that neck of the woods. Photo by Tammie Weekley. Thx. That look on JoLee Walton’s face says “Bring it! Bring it on!”

On Tuesday, the Wildcats defeated Clay-Battelle 62-55 on Tuesday in Paden City. Look at that. Wildcats’ Aaron Heasley scored 33 points. Got to say, wow! Hayden Hizer scored 16 points. Pretty sharp. Good photos Ron Heasley. Thx.

Congratulations to the 2017 Winter Formal Court at Tyler Consolidated High School. Many of these names are familiar faces from the sports pages or other school endeavors.

Photo by Ron Heasley Photos like this are a treasure to behold. Amazing!


Hannah Jackson

Rachel Thomas


Madison Glover

Alma School back in the day...

Peyton Kocher


Aleah Baker

Isabella Camerlin


Payden Clem

Alexis Jenkins

Macy Long

Davi Stanley

Seminole Weekley

Lastly, Karie Baker sent in this black and white photo of Alma School. Though things have changed, it always amazes me that we could afford local schools, better/long lasting houses and courthouses that were built with real wood — even marble — but not so much today. Why is that? Seems like a lot more people had food on their table when most everyone had a farm and/or grew their own food. I understand there is such a concept as “economy of scale” which makes systems more cost efficient, but I believe there is more to life than saving a few pennies. There is a virtue to self sufficiency that doesn’t necessarily nor should it have a cost value attached. Make sense? Well, that’s my coffee-fueled rant for the day.