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Goddesses Gather for WVAFF Pageant

By Staff | Jan 18, 2017

A pair of queens beats (Morales and Weekley) beats a pair of jacks anyday.

CHARLESTON — A trio of Tyler pageant goddesses competed last weekend in the West Virginia Association of Fairs and Festivals Pageant.

Tyler County Fair Queen Seminole Weekley, Middle Island Harvest Festival Queen Celia Morales and West Virginia Oil and Gas Association Queen Autumn Carter all said they had a good time at the statewide competition that featured 84 top contestants.

For the record, the 2017 WVAFF Queen is Jocelynn Wilson, Miss Battle Days; 1st Runner-Up was Krystian Leonard, WV Three Rivers Festival; 2nd Runner-Up was Emily Wigal, WV Black Walnut Festival; 3rd Runner-Up was Shelbey Groves, Nicholas County Potato Festival; 4th Runner-Up was Heather Lee Naples – Princeton AutumnFest.

Since being crowned Tyler County Fair Queen, Weekley has tossed out tons of candy to little kids and at least one parent at multiple parades. This lovely lady wore a classic white dress for competition at the WVAFF and came away with a smile.

“I had an amazing time at the pageant,” said Weekley, a senior at Tyler Consolidated High School. “I believe the best part was getting to meet so many wonderful girls from all around the state and getting the opportunity to represent Tyler County as their fair queen. I hope to compete in WVAFF again in the near future.”

Check out the dress on Tyler County Fair Queen Seminole Weekley!

When Carter is not busy working on her parent’s farm in Frankford, she was doing the rounds as W.V. Oil and Gas Festival Queen. Carter always has a smile on her face and loved her time at the big show — WVAFF — more or less the state playoffs of pageant competition.

“I had a wonderful time at the pageant,” she said. “You make memories and friends that last a lifetime and it’s great seeing all the new faces that are promoting our West Virginia Fairs and Festivals and bringing tourism and economy to the state.”

Carter said WVAFF Pageant experience has improved her confidence and public speaking skills.

“The pageant is also an experience that helps with public speaking and interviewing skills that you can use throughout your life,” she said. “The WVAFF system also has allowed me to travel all over the state and learn so much about the history of our state and about all the different fairs and festivals. I know that by watching videos from the three years I’ve competed, I have grown as a speaker and also in my confidence.”

Carter plans to compete again at the state level.

WV Oil and Gas Festival Queen Autumn Carter before the interview portion of the competition.

“I hope to compete in the WVAFF pageant for the next two years, which will be my last two at the pageant because of the cut off age of 21,” she said.

Carter thanked her pageant director, Kelly Simms, and her mother Debbie, because “they have made this experience at fairs and festivals and also at the the Oil and Gas Festival by far my best experience in my years of competing.”

Sistersville and Tyler County were in Carter’s mind Saturday during the pageant.

“I know that as I continue in the WVAFF system, the other directors have very large shoes to fill,” she said. “I really couldn’t have done it without the support of Joberta and Barbara and all of the WV Oil and Gas Association Board as well as the people of Sistersville and Tyler County supporting me. Sistersville will always hold a special place in my heart.”

Morales wore not only a pretty dress at the pageant, but a lovely smile on her face.

Queens of a feather stick together.

“I had tons of fun at the pageant,” she said. “It was nice seeing old friends and new ones. My favorite part of the pageant would have to be the evening gown competition. It was great to see everyone in their beautiful elegant gowns. I love seeing all the different dress and how they shine on stage. I hope to compete again at WVAFF pageant considering it would be my last year, but only time will tell.”