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Internet, Tyler Sheriff report

By Staff | Jan 8, 2017

MIDDLEBOURNE — Internet service has been spotty to say the least during the past few weeks in parts of the county.

Anyone with questions or comments should call the state’s Public Utility Commission at 1-800-642-8544 and/or to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) at consumercomplaints.fcc.gov.

More about that story will appear in the next edition.

In other news, the sheriff’s department was busy in December, of course they are always busy. Note two reports of drag racing!? Really…

That may make for some interesting writing, reading.

Tyler County Sheriffs Office Monthly Report for December 2016


911 Hang-ups—3

Abandoned Vehicle—1

Alarm Activation—3

Animal Complaints—4

Auto Accidents—11

Breaking and Entering—2

Disabled Motorist—1

Department of Natural Resources—1

Domestic Violence—3

Driving Complaint—2

Threatening Person—2

Intoxicated Person—1

Mental Behavior—2

Miscellaneous Notifications—7

Noise Complaint—2

Property Dispute—2

Roadway Obstruction—1

Suicidal Suspect—1

Suspicious Person—1

Suspicious Vehicle—5


Unattended Death—01

Unconscious Person—02

Vehicle Complaint—01

Vehicle Lockout—01

Welfare Check—01

Misdemeanor/Felony Arrests:

Possession of Controlled Substance—5

Grand Larceny—01

Fleeing on Foot—01

Disorderly Conduct—01

Battery on an Officer—01

Obstructing an Officer—01

Traffic Stops–62 Traffic Stops with 48 Citations Issued:


No Proof of Insurance—09

Drag Racing—02

Loss of Control—01

Expired Registration—03

Expired Motor Vehicle Inspection—02

Fleeing in a vehicle—01

Driving on Suspended License—6

Improper Passing—01

Failure to Maintain Control—01

No Seatbelt—01

Driving while using Cellphone—01

Driving without a license—01

Failure to Provide License—01

Leaving the scene of an Accident—01

Windshield Obstruction—01

Home Confinement Monitored—7

Magistrate and Circuit Papers Served:

Magistrate Papers—29

Circuit Court Papers—39