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SVFD Battles Garage Fire

By Staff | Jan 7, 2017

Good afternoon Tyler County.

It’s cold, very cold, but you know that. Temps today range from a balmy 19 degrees to around 10 degrees, though it feels much colder.

Incidentally, Anchorage Alaska boasts temperatures between 9 degrees and three degrees. So yeah, it’s almost like Alaska in our neck of the woods.

Maybe we should all move down to Miami where the temperatures range between the 80s and the mid 50s.

In other news, Sistersville Volunteer Fire Department battled a blaze in frigid temperatures that consumed a garage Friday evening. No injuries were reported. Photo courtesy of Deena Glover.

Based on extensive experience covering fires, firefighters have it rough when working in arctic-like conditions. Water tends to freeze in spots as it flows down the pavement, so the going is slick. Sometimes hydrants are frozen while other times pipes within burning structures may burst because of the extremes in temperatures. And though it is cold, heat exhaustion from working in thick uniforms can be a factor for these front line troops.

A related note about being a reporter while covering a fire in subzero temperatures — the ink freezes in a pen very easily — thus it is always best to use a pencil or crayon.

Speaking of first responders, Glover reports that Sistersville/Tyler County has a new ambulance. Probably has that new car smell. If everything goes as planned, the new ambulance service will be licensed next week. More on that in Wednesday’s paper.

Anyway, stay warm Tyler County. Pending some rodent’s meteorological prediction in early February, spring is not too far ahead.