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New Police Dog On The Job

By Staff | Jan 4, 2017

MIDDLEBOURNE — When Tyler County Commissioners met for their final meeting of the year, a new dog and an outgoing sheriff’s request were among the items discussed.

During the Dec. 28 meeting, Deputy Sheriff Shannon Huffman talked about the latest hire – a two-year-old German Shepherd, a male.

Huffman, a certified master dog handler, has been training Queso all summer so that it can sniff out narcotics, work patrols,and assist with traffic duty. He said the old dog had ground her teeth down to the point of affecting her ability to be a patrol dog, so the dog was retired. The new dog will be under a three-year warranty.

Speaking of the sheriff’s department, Huffman requested that Sheriff Earl “Bob” Kendle Jr. be allowed to keep his service pistol upon retirement for consolation for 38 years of service. He is also allowed to keep one uniform and will be issued a badge stating that he is retired and the badge is credited as a concealed weapons permit.

In other matters, budget revisions were made to the county’s Office of Emergency Management account in the amount of $100 and $25 as well as $20 towards project light saver. There was also a $250 donation from a local financial institution to be added.

Tyler County Development Authority and Tyler County Planning Commission were appointed two new member – Emery Aker and Charles Delauder. The term lasts 3 years and begins Jan. 1.

There was a revised contract with Air Medcare to make sure all citizens of the county are covered. The first half of the bill has been paid and the second half will be due in March.

A motion finally passed accepting a contract with WYK for architectural work to be done on the Middlebourne courthouse.

Commissioners agreed to set the dates and times to meet with the Board of Equalization for the upcoming months. The first case will be at Feb. 1 followed by meetings on Feb. 3, Feb. 8, Feb. 13, Feb. 16 and Feb. 22.