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Saturday Afternoon Briefing 12-31

By Staff | Dec 31, 2016

Sheriff Weigle

Good afternoon/evening Tyler County.

New Year’s Eve. Be smart. If you plan on nipping a wee bit like Otis Campbell from the “Andy Griffith” show, please call a friend or taxi to get a ride home because long gone are the days when you could check yourself into the Sheriff Taylor’s jail.

Speaking of sheriff, at the strike of midnight, Brian Weigle will be the new sheriff. Please give Weigle, the deputies and law enforcement an uneventful shift.

New Martinsville Police reports that anyone who knows someone uses heroin or knows someone that does, refrain from using. NMPD said there is a bad batch circulating in the community and officers have seen a recent spike in overdoses. There were four overdoses during a 24 hour period in that community earlier this week.

That said, it’s probably smart to avoid using heroin altogether under any circumstance no matter what the quality of the batch is. Aside from the legal consequences associated with heroin, maybe start a new chapter in 2017.

Even Otis Campbell went straight in the movie “Return to Mayberry”. True story: Otis was completely sober and driving an ice cream van.

In other news, St. Marys’ boys basketball team defeated Tyler Consolidated — 68-61 — on Friday night. Silver Knights’ Dylan Roberts scored 21 points.

Anyway, be safe, be smart and enjoy New Year’s Eve and count yourself as lucky that you live in Tyler County.