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Council Takes No Action on Speed Limit

By Staff | Dec 21, 2016

SISTERSVILLE — Thank God Van Halen’s Sammy Hagar — “I can’t drive 55” — doesn’t live in town as city council took no action regarding any change to the 35 mph speed limit through town.

Prior to Tuesday’s council meeting, there had been talk of potentially reducing the speed limit from 35 mph to 25 mph. Though W.Va. Route 2 is a state road whose speed limits are determined by the W.Va. Division of Highways, council may make recommendations for consideration.

That said, if a speed limit is “grandfathered” in by ordinance passed, perhaps when JFK was president, then…complications may arise.

But that’s not the case because council enacted a 35 mph speed limit back in 1962 when Ruth Henderson was city recorder, according to Mayor Bill Rice. So the 35 mph speed limit is on the books.

Rice said the DOH did a traffic study in 1991 that offered continued support for the 35 mph speed limit same as a DOH speed study in May.

Councilman Phil Konopacky sought public input on the matter in recent weeks. He said based on conversations he’s had and comments posted on social media, most people want the speed limit to stay the same.

Council will be pursuing public input on the matter.

Chuck Heinlein said one of his main concerns was about how heavy trucks are creating hazards for affected infrastructure and residences.

Council opted to pursue Councilman Alex King’s suggestion for a letter asking if signs can be placed so as to advise trucks to slow down.

More about this story will appear in next week’s Tyler Star News.