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Ambulance Service Planned for Tyler County

By Staff | Dec 21, 2016

Deena Glover of Glover Consulting and Sistersville Volunteer Fire Chief Jason Wayne are pushing for an ambulance service that will assist people in Tyler County when the ambulance from Sistersville General Hospital is out on an emergency or transfer.

MIDDLEBOURE – Tyler County Commissioners learned more about local efforts to provide an ambulance service that will be based out of Sistersville.

During the Dec. 14 meeting, Deena Glover of the Sistersville Volunteer Fire Department advised the commission about plans to purchase a new ambulance that will be staffed by EMT’s who are ready to provide medical service.

“We told the commissioners that we were placing an ambulance at SVFD and would love to help the county by providing not better, but quicker care,” said Glover of Glover Consulting Services based out of Middlebourne.

Glover said she was approached by SVFD to start up an ambulance service last summer. Though SVFD Fire Chief Jason Wayne and Glover worked endless hours toward making this dream a reality, the seeds they planted would not bear fruit until winter.

Glover said she saw the need for a rapid response team for the Sistersville EMS territory when Sistersville Hospital ambulance service is out on an emergency or a transfer. The ambulance will be lodged at the the Sistersville Fire Hall and will be a second option in case SGH’s main ambulance has been dispatched or is on a transfer.

“This still wasn’t enough,” said Glover, who has served 32 years with EMS in Tyler County. “The Sistersville community was still waiting on an ambulance from Middlebourne, Wetzel County or Pleasants County. We are by no means taking anything away from Sistersville General Hospital’s ambulance service. We are merely a backup when they are on an emergency or a transfer. We are here for the people and want to help in anyway we can. We have EMT’s, certified EVO drivers (emergency vehicle operators) and a paramedic with the department.”

The SVFD asked the commissioners to cover the costs of insurance and workers compensation.

The commission said because the idea was not presented last year, it was not included in the budget for insurance costs and a new contract would have to be written up. What money left in the account must be used to pay for the items in the system that have already been approved and had money set aside for.

The commissioners decided to allow the prosecuting attorney, and all other interested parties, a chance to look over the proposal.

The ambulance service part of SVFD will be reimbursed by their ambulance runs and money collected from billing patients insurances.

“We see the need and we are going to give it all we have,” SVFD Fire Chief Jason Wayne said. “Our people have agreed to be paid only per run, not on an hourly basis like a paid service. That will save us thousands of dollars. In the future, if all works out we will see about being a paid service.”

In other business, Commissioner John Stender announced that the 4-H camp is still coming along nicely. They are to the point of putting a new floor down in the dining hall. The commissioners are going to review their options of flooring materials along with cost to determine the best route for covering the floor, The walls have all been sealed and repainted.

There have been some storage facilities added to the grounds for more storage and to help free space in the main buildings. The banks have all been cleared of briar patches, debris, and dead trees. All of the work, with the exception of the kitchen floor, has been done by volunteers. The 4-H grounds are still a work in progress but have come along tremendously.

Also, the commission discussed the upcoming WYK Associates contract proposal for renovations, remodeling and more. Commissioners and Prosecuting Attorney Luke Furbee said they have yet to see a final contract from WYK which is causing a slight holdup. The county is going to reach out to WYK for the contract to discuss at the next meeting.

Also, Bam Baxter of Infinity Computing returned with his boss to present some estimates to the commissioners in hopes of settling a contract for their computer services. Infinity Computing is a small business based out of St. Mary’s that provides IT support for computing software and hardware. They presented two different estimates for the commissioners to review to make a possible decision from.

Katy Wells of the Middlebourne EMS was in to follow up on the request of an emergency response vehicle. Sheriff Bob Kendall stated that he had three vehicles ready to rotate out and so the EMS should have a vehicle shortly.

911 Director Josh Fulks announced that the internet located at the courthouse will be hooked up to a generator. Fulks said that when the electric went out, so did the internet which interfered with running drivers licenses and accessing information.

There were several budget revisions made to the prosecuting attorney’s office and sheriff’s department adding up to a grand total of $95,500 dollars which brings the budget up to 50 percent.

After a motion to pay the bills, the meeting was adjourned. The next meeting will be held at 9 a.m. Dec. 28 at the Tyler County Courthouse.