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Tuesday Morning Briefing 11-22

By Staff | Nov 22, 2016

Rhett Wetzel takes down a 40-pound coyote.

It’s not just deer who are on the run this week.

Teena Taylor Wetzel of Sistersville shared this image of a coyote that met its end.

Her husband Rhett killed the wily 40-pound beast Monday morning on the Wetzel farm.

Few things are more chilling than the baying of a coyote and his buddies on the ridges or so around dusk. The predators have a tendency to kill small animals.

This editor is not saying a pack of battle-hungry dachshunds wouldn’t be able to stand their ground against a coyote or three because remember, it is not the size of the dog, it’s the size of the fight in the dog. That said, unless you possess a trained army of mercenary dachshunds or beagles, make sure your pets are safe from these predators.

Patricia Thomas has something new to mount on her den's wall.

On another note, Owen Brown and his pappy Steve Lancaster killed a big buck Monday morning. This editor bears no ill will against any deer, but remembers the two thousand dollars of damage one of these varmints caused one evening to the front end of his Ford. Thanks goes to Miranda Brown for sharing the photo.

Not to be outdone, Patricia Thomas of Tyler County took down this buck too. Thanks goes to Tyler Outdoor Supply for the photo.

Keep the photos coming.

Good hunting!