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Commission Discusses EMS Needs

By Staff | Nov 16, 2016

MIDDLEBOURNE – Tyler County Commissioners touched on several topics that affect the far corners of Silver Knights country.

During the Nov. 9 meeting, Katie Wells of Middlebourne EMS expressed an interest in taking over an old Sheriff’s Department vehicle when and if the department decides to purchase another vehicle. She said because the EMS has a broken down Jeep that the automotive shops say is beyond repair, so it would like another response vehicle for emergencies.

Wells said there have been several instances of oil trucks calling for help after going off the road and/or doing property damage. She said providing this service has been costing many man hours with little to no reimbursement because the insurance companies have been difficult to reach or simply ignore the claim.

Commissioner John Stender suggested that EMS get the truck owner’s information from the registration cards and begin billing the truck owners themselves. He said if billing truck owners didn’t work, then they could take a list of claims to magistrate.

In other business, there was a report on the YWK Associates Inc. agreement on the courthouse renovations. Prosecutor Luke Furbee said he had them remove the binding arbitration section of the agreement. The agreement does not cover the actual construction part of the courthouse, but mainly the architectural restoration.

Also, the commission approved a resolution from Eric Peters of the Tyler County Department Authority to make the TCDA the leading agency of economic development in the county. Secondly, the TCDA is proposing to apply for funding for construction of another industrial access road going into the Industrial Park. Peters said a road will open up access to more property for development. The resolution for the Local Economic Development Grant Funds Program needs to be adjusted as far as the date and the language of the agreement before being signed and then sent in for acceptance,he said.

Tom Cooper, director of the Office of Emergency Management, asked the commission to add the cost of rent for the newly acquired temperature controlled room to the already existing rental fee. The additional room will cost $50 a month, but will allow for storage of liquids.

The space is also to be shared with the Family Resource Network. Cooper mentioned that the OEM was denied the security grant that they applied for to install cameras around their storage facility. He requested that the commissioners consider paying the cost for the security cameras.

Cooper said if he can get the facility secured, then it can be used as an evidence locker for larger confiscated items. Cooper said he will get some cost estimates delivered to the Commissioners for consideration.

Commissioner Eric Vincent stated that the Assessor’s Additional Compensation from the Commissioner of Agriculture had been approved. He ended the meeting by stating, “Give Kudos to everybody that put all of the hours into the election. All the poll workers, all the staff of the clerks office, and everybody that was here last night.” “I’m thankful that the people of Tyler County still go out and take voting seriously…there was about a 58 percent turnout.”

The Commission changed the date of the next meeting to 9 a.m. Nov. 30. They also announced that the Christmas party will be held on Dec. 14 after the first meeting of the month at the Friendship Center.