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Veterans Day Honors Those Who Served

By Staff | Nov 11, 2016

Photo by Miles Layton As is tradition, a wreath was laid in the Ohio River in remembrance of as a silent salute and quiet prayer for the fallen and dearly departed.

SISTERSVILLE — A solemn Veterans Day service took place moments ago around 11 a.m. at Veterans Park by the Ohio River.

A swift breeze unfurled small flags that were planted like poppies in the ground near where a Color Guard formed up to fire volleys in tribute veterans past and present who have sacrificed so that this nation can be free.

“War has taught us the lesson of obedience to command ‘the game is more than the player; the ship is more than the crew,” said Conley Wyatt, commander of Sistersville VFW Post 6327. “There is a greater discipline we must pursue if we are to preserve this virtue of obedience in our quest for an honorable world peace. That is obedience to the laws we, ourselves, make the voluntary discipline of citizenship. Under our system of government, we may change the laws by majority rule. We may persuade our neighbors to new theories of new courses.

“We may advocate free elections the chose of veterans or plans. As good citizens, we follow the chose of the majority, whether that choice by the individual’s or not. This is the virtue of discipline which must be ours in peace. This is the less we must learn at home, in school, on the playing fields, in organizations, in the community, and the nation. It is the lesson of voluntary obedience to the decisions of the majority.

“We must not be unmindful either of the conclusions of other people with whom we have joined in the quest for an honorable world peace, this is the higher order of disciplines.”

Photo by Miles Layton Sistersville VFW Commander Conley Wyatt spoke at Friday's Veterans Day ceremony by Veterans Park by the Ohio River.

These words have a powerful meaning today and will continue echo long after the flags are folded and put away from today’s service. As is tradition, a wreath was laid in the Ohio River in remembrance of as a silent salute and quiet prayer for the fallen and dearly departed.

Sandi McEowen, president of the local VFW Auxiliary, offered these words.

“The waging of war involves more than just the combatants who fight to the death on the field of battle,” she said. “The fighting forces begin at the fireside and in the hometowns. The repercussions of war’s terrible brutality have chilled the heart and dimmed the hopes and dreams of many a loved one left behind on the home front. While the horrors of the battlefield may not have been in our experience, we have lived through the terrifying loneliness created to answer an aggressor’s challenge.

“In waging war, we have moved forward with a unity of purpose which made us strong, forgetting pettiness, egotism and pride. Our hearts beat in tune with those nations fighting for freedom and the dignity and opportunity of mankind. In our constant quest for an honorable world peace, there is need for unity of purpose if we truly are to move toward a brighter tomorrow.”

The Tyler Star News would like to thank the veterans for what they’ve given this country.