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Jessica Quinn Sentenced To 20 Years In Shooting

By Staff | Nov 2, 2016

NEW MARTINSVILLE – A Paden City woman will spend the next 20 years behind bars for shooting and killing a man outside her home last year.

In Wetzel County Circuit Court Friday, Judge David Hummel sentenced Jessica Quinn, 38, to 15 years in prison for voluntary manslaughter and five years for wanton endangerment, the maximum penalty for those offenses under West Virginia law. He set the sentences to run consecutively for an effective penalty of 20 years.

Quinn pleaded guilty to the two felony charges on July 20. She was originally indicted for murder and wanton endangerment by a grand jury in connection with the June 2015 shooting death of Kevin Clark “K.C.” Thompson Jr.

Quinn’s mother pleaded on behalf of her daughter and brought along photos of Jessica Quinn’s children. She said her daughter had raised three children on her own, volunteered her time in the community to help coach basketball and “cries everyday for what she’s done.”

Prosecutor Tim Haught requested Hummel give Quinn the maximum sentence.

“Whenever you possess are firearm, you are charged with an awesome responsibility. You can never take that bullet back.” Haught said. “This was no accident. … She pulled the trigger. She admitted to pulling the trigger and she took human life. … She is 100 percent responsible for killing a man.”

Haught said Quinn’s assertions that she had mistaken Thompson for someone else that day don’t excuse her actions.

“Her children will have the opportunity to visit her in prison, but the mother of K.C. Thompson will never have the opportunity to visit her son again,” he said.

Quinn was given an opportunity to give a final statement before sentencing.

“I am responsible. … I want to apologize to the family that was affected by this tragedy,” she said. “What happened was out of panic and fear, and if I could take it back I would, but I can’t. I have to live with this mistake for the rest of my life.”

Thompson’s parents were not in attendance Friday, but Hummel said the victim’s family, as well as Quinn’s family, had written letters which he reviewed prior to sentencing.

Hummel said Quinn intended to kill someone that day, even if the person she shot was not the intended target.

“Let’s be clear … this was not an accident. While she did not intend to kill K.C., she did intend to kill somebody,” Hummel said.

Hummel cited a police report in describing “blood coming from the victim’s mouth and that he was gasping for breath every couple of seconds.”

“That’s KC’s last moments – gasping for breath, gurgling with blood from his mouth,” Hummel said.

Hummel said when Quinn had been notified she shot the wrong person, she used expletives and noted she did not care and that the victim “can go to hell.”

“Jessica gave K.C. a life sentence,” Hummel said.