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Trespassers Beware: County Home Secure

By Staff | Oct 26, 2016

Photo Provided No trespassing signs and other security measures have been put in place to protect the property.



ALMA – The Tyler County Home Restoration Committee is pleased with the progress being made toward securing the property.

Last week, the Tyler County Fair Association erected some “no trespassing” signs and locked all the doors that could be locked. They also removed steps from the old sun porch because they were totally rotted out.

Peggy George, President of the Tyler County Restoration Committee, described these moves as positive progress toward making the building safer.

“I am pleased with this first attempt at securing the County Home,” she said. “I hope this is a step in the right direction, although, I feel more extensive measures need to be taken, such as security cameras or a person residing in a camper along side the home. If we all work together, this project can move along at a better pace.”

Tyler County Commissioner Eric Vincent said he is pleased with the measures that were taken to secure the property.

“This shows that groups can come together to solve issues that concern others. It will go along way to help solve the liability problem,” he said.

George said though progress is being made, more must be done to restore the home.

“Security was the first issue, now it is time to write grants and everyone needs to be aboard,” she said. “It was granted last October for us to find funding, but the commissioners also need to let us move ahead when the funding is actually secured, no more answers, such as, We haven’t decided what to do with it yet. They did decide in Oct 2015 minutes, when they stated they would let us fundraise , ‘for the restoration of the County Home.'”

The Fair Association had no comment on the matter.