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Schoolcraft Passionate About Issues

By Staff | Oct 19, 2016

Tyler County Commission President Arnold Schoolcraft

SISTERSVILLE -Democrat Arnold Schoolcraft stressed that he would work hard if elected to the Tyler County Commission in the general election Nov. 8.

“I’m trying to get some things done for the county to make it more attractive for people to come and visit,” he said.

Schoolcraft is retired after many years of service at Precision Incorporated. He is married to Mary Lou and they have five children, five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

“I want to thank the people of Tyler County for supporting me at the primary election and I hope they continue that at the general election,” he said. “God bless all Tyler County residents.”

Schoolcraft plans to bring enthusiasm and new ideas to the commission. He wants water lines extended to provide service to more residents. Cell phone service is non-existent, so Schoolcraft wants phone companies to do more. He cited U.S. Senator Joe Manchin’s plan to close the broadband gap to provided wireless communication to rural areas. Schoolcraft wants the county to take more of an active role assisting senior citizens.

“If elected, I like to see some water lines fixed that’s been ongoing for 20 years and nothing’s been done. The back of the county doesn’t have nothing. And we need cellular phone service in that end of the county,” he said. “The senior citizens – they need help with stuff. They’ve been overlooked.”

The fate of the county home has become an issue as preservationists seek to save the home while the county commission deliberates as to what would be the best way to spend taxpayer dollars while providing necessary services to citizens.

“The county home that’s a hot issue right now. That’s a lot of history in Tyler County to be wasted,” Schoolcraft said. “It should be looked into deeply. I think there’s grants out there if the county commission would give the restoration committee the OK to do something.”

Schoolcraft has lived in Tyler County since the Kennedy administration, so he wants to give back to friends and neighbors. He has been a leader of the Tyler Rod and Gun Club, one of the foremost clubs in the county, as long as anybody can remember. Schoolcraft has a solid handshake and emphasizes trust.

“I’ve handled a lot of money with the Tyler Rod and Gun Club and I’ve never come up a dime short,” he said. “We’ve always come out correct on the figures.”

Preserving and restoring the Jug is an issue this fisherman would like to catch in his net.

“The Jug there’s money there it needs restored,” Schoolcraft said. “You can’t drive across it. Kayaking is a big sport. People come in there and camp. We don’t have any tourism sites to draw people in that’s decent to use. I’ve been going to the commission meetings the Jug isn’t mentioned and Conaway Lake is never mentioned.”