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Vincent Cites Faith, Experience in Bid for Commission

By Staff | Oct 12, 2016

Eric Vincent

Republican Eric Vincent is seeking re-election to a second six-year term as a member of the Tyler County Commission in the general election Nov. 8

A native of Tyler County, Vincent is married to Connie Matheny Vincent and they have two daughters along with six grandchildren. An 1983 alumnus of Sistersville High School, Vincent earned an associate degree from West Virginia Northern Community College in business administration and a degree from the West Virginia School of Banking. Vincent has worked at WesBanco for 28 years where he currently serves as the banking center manager and assistant vice president at the bank’s branch in New Martinsville.

Though the polarized issue of trust has not trickled down so much to the local politics as compared to the national level, the idea of trust still resonates with any voter seeking to choose the best candidate. Vincent said faith inspires his decision to run for office.

“I believe trust is good at any level regardless of whether it is a county level, city level, our everyday lives and our careers,” he said. “My faith has taught me that we have to deal with everything we do even elected positions wherever it is with integrity and honesty. That, I believe because of what lies in me, is why I think I can be trusted.”

Vincent said he is running for a second term to continue the important work the commission is pursuing.

“We got some big issues coming up,” he said. “We know that we have our first service people that we have to take care of that is the work conditions in the magistrate building and the courthouse. Those have to be addressed. We have to make the building more efficient as far as utilities. We got to repair, paint, drywall we just got to get the building back to where it needs to be. We got some security issues that we need to tend to such as making the doors more secure and coming up with things like that to make our employees more protected.”

Plans call for the construction of a county annex building.

“Future plans are to build an annex where we can put other officers like our family court, our magistrates, our prosecuting attorney in that so as to give them more space plus afford us the ever growing space that we need to retain records and things,” he said.

Preservation of the county home is a hot topic. The Tyler County Restoration Committee wants to restore the home. Though the Commission has made no decision, it is charged with weighing the pros and cons of allocating resources to save the county home against its duty to provide the services required to run the county.

“I believe history is important to all of us,” Vincent said. “We know as a commissioners that we are proscribed to take care of our history. We also understand that as commissioners we have to take care of where our services come from that is our courthouse, our magistrate building, our emergency services, our first responders. Those things are important to our public safety. I applaud anybody wanting to save an historic building, but we have to weigh the cost of fixing it up, demolishing or doing whatever in a way against what our financial responsibilities are to have the services there for the people of Tyler County.

“Honestly, about eight out of every 10 people that I have talked to have voiced their opinion about actually just tearing it down that’s coming from the people I’ve talked to.”

Vincent cites faith, experience and a desire to serve as reasons to vote for him.

“Faith guides my life,” he said. “I believe that when we follow the absolute truth of God that we are a much better person anyway. But He has also blessed me. He has given me one term which is already experience under my belt. He’s blessed me with 29 years in the financial industry which gives me the ability to understand budgets and the finance of the county. He’s also blessed me with the fact of a heart that likes to serve. I started my first board when I was 16-years-old, so that’s been about 37 years of public community service, nonprofit organizations and such. I believe my resume speaks for itself.”