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Band-O-Rama Attracts Legions of Musicians

By Staff | Sep 21, 2016

MIDDLEBOURNE – Fourteen high school marching bands from across the state competed for top honors Saturday at Tyler Consolidated High School.

George Washington High School of Charleston was the grand champion.

These band marched in the West Virginia Oil and Gas Parade.

Paden City’s Wildcats deserve special notice for their new uniforms – love the green. And one band from out the area performed the U.S Marines’ Hymn – Semper Fi!

Since it was a TCHS event, the Silver Knights did not compete but put on an exhibition.

TCHS Band Director Matt Jennings said the scoring was out of 100 points. The bands are rated by 6 judges in 6 categories: percussion; auxiliary; field commanders, general effect, visual and music. 90-100 = A or Gold, 80-89= B or silver; 70-79 = C or Bronze. There are no classes or 1st, 2nd, 3rd, place etc at our competition. Most others do theirs that way – with places. If a band got gold in the three major categories: visual general effect and music, they could be an honor band. There were two honor bands: George Washington and Parkersburg South.

“The judges all agreed that the overall quality of bands was up this year,” Jennings said.

As to local schools of note, Paden City scored well in its parade ratings – silver (marching), music (bronze) with overall rating of silver. In those same categories, Magnolia’s Blue Eagles scored bronze for an overall bronze rating.

Regarding the field show ratings, the Wildcats scored silver – visual, music performance, general effect – for an overall silver rating. Magnolia had the same scores.

The Wildcats’ percussion team received a bronze rating, auxiliary a silver and the Field Commander – a gold rating! Congrats to Band Director Debra Price and the Wildcats’ band.

Magnolia scored a bronze (percussion), gold (auxiliary) and gold for its field commander.

The People’s Choice and Cheer Awards were awarded to Parkersburg South.