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Labor negotiations stall between Dominion, workers

By Staff | Sep 7, 2016

Dominion Transmission/Hope issued a lockout notice Wednesday to workers.

The United Gas Workers Union offered a statement in a press release.

Labor negotiations between the company and workers have stalled in recent weeks.

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“Dominion implements illegal lockout on UGWU Local 69 membership”

At 12:01am midnight September 7, 2016 Dominion Transmission/Hope gas

notified the Union it was implementing a lock-out of 950 UGWU Local 69

members. The Local is represented in 6 states VA, MD, PA, NY, OH AND WV

with over half of the members employed in West Virginia. The Union

considers this lockout a clear violation of the National Labor Law Act and

have responded with several labor charges being filed. Picketing is

scheduled throughout the 6 state area. The Union presented the Company with

an offer to not strike while negotiations were ongoing in return not to be

locked out but the Company never responded and ultimately locked the

membership out. The Union made such an offer to avoid a work stoppage of

any kind and to provide the best possible protection for the general

public. The parties are scheduled to hold a session of bargaining on

Thursday September 8th with the Federal Mediator. “All Union members are

willing to return to work but are being refused entry into the facility’s,

this is not a strike”. Craig Bradford President UGWU Local 69