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Knights Radio Moves to a More Sound Location

By Staff | Sep 7, 2016

Photo by Chad Turner Knights Radio is a great source for Siler Knights sports news.

MIDDLEBOURNE – Tyler Knights Radio WRSG 91.5 has pleasantly settled into its new location in the media room (old Board of Education room) at the high school. This move has been nice in that it allows the radio station to have its own studio that is designed to be distraction free while providing great acoustics for radio programs.

The moving process began last week and is still a work in progress, but there are many potential advantages to the new location. The acoustic panels are still set to be put up, however, there has been carpet installed in all the rooms to help eliminate reverberation or an echo. Much of the original furniture from the other studio has been used to eliminate costs along with the original sound board purchased in 2001, all of which is still in great shape. There will be more rooms with microphones hooked up to provide for more one on one interviews with guests and feature athletes. Having multiple rooms will allow for multitasking in example you can give interviews in one room while doing weather in another allowing more students to participate.

Greeg Goodfellow, teacher/adviser overseeing Knights Radio, said he “truly believes in their product, but more importantly, believes in his students.” He said students have ownership in the station and choose the songs that get played, create radio shows, and basically have full control of the whole operation. This provides for a very informative and educational experience, while having fun and being responsible giving an “each one teach one” atmosphere, Goodfellow said.

Goodfellow said when the students provide him with itineraries and skit ideas, he provides feedback and guidance. One of the ideas created by the students is called “celebrity fights” where they take two figures that are currently popular, say Justin Timberlake vs Justin Bieber, and argue and debate which celebrity would win in a fight and why. This encourages listeners to participate in current events while supporting the radio station. It’s a one of a kind idea not done by any other radio station, created by our own students.

Goodfellow hopes to be able to give tours in the future and he would also like to get in alliance with West Virginia Northern Community College to provide media based classes from of the studio. He would like to give as much exposure as possible to the surrounding areas because he feels “this is a community radio station that just happens to be located in the high school”. Goodfellow encourages people in the community to get involved as long as their contributions are in good taste.

The Knights Radio Station wants to be as self sufficient as possible meaning they want to be able to purchase their own furniture and pay employees for coverage without being under the umbrella of the schools assistance. Knights radio takes donations in the amount of $30 per three months or $100 dollars per year to go towards promotion. Goodfellowsaid Long Reach Federal Credit Union is by far the largest contributor, so he gave a special thank you to the credit union for its support. Goodfellow also wants to give a big show of gratitude to Tom Taggart (engineer and co-owner of Seven Ranges Radio, along with his partner Sam Yoho) for without their help, Knights Radio would have died years ago. In return, Goodfellow teaches his students to use a simian automation system, which is used up and down the valley. He feels that this will produce future employees for Seven Ranges and other businesses. Studetns learn how to generate program logs, learn about voice tracking, and have a solid base of knowledge so that when they face a future job opportunity, the information will be second nature.

“There’s no sense for them to learn on anything else and then have them relearn something different,” Goodfellow said.

Finally, Goodfellow would like to thank Scott Northcraft for all of his hard work and support along the way. Goodfellow explained that Northcraft could “single handily run the whole operation for the next thirty years if he wanted.” This dynamic duo have a wonderful working relationship. Northcraft showed Goodfellow how to voice-track, generate program logs and more.

TCHS freshman George Kester joined the class his eighth grade year, so he is considered a veteran in the field by some of his classmates. The Knights Radio Station is available on the Tunein App and there is a link on the Facebook page which allows for people to listen in from all over the world.

“It’s entertaining. It helps you get your voice out to the other people in the community and the area. You can tell them what you love and enjoy,” he said.