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Boil Order Lifted

By Staff | Aug 24, 2016

MIDDLEBOURNE – City Hall said the boil order was lifted last week when all water quality tests came out good.

“All water tests came back passing state drinking water standards. I appreciate everyone’s cooperation and understanding,” Mayor Charles Delauder said.

A boil order was issued Aug. 14 after a large pipe burst by the Tyler County Senior Center. The boil advisory ended Wednesday, Aug. 17.

Not only did the boil order affect business in the Tyler County Courthouse, but nearby Tyler schools in this county seat community of more than 800 residents. Delauder said the break in the 80-year-old cast iron line was about a foot long and about three inches wide.

Delauder said the water lost cost $20,160. The labor and material was $1,247.

When the leak was discovered around 12:30 a.m. Sunday, Delauder said, thousands of gallons of water escaped from the broken pipe before was repaired several hours later at 11 a.m. Much of that water has been slowly replenished.

Delauder said the city’s main tank holds 175,000 gallons while the Tyler School’s tank located nearby holds almost 100,000 gallons but the school’s tank can not supply the town because of that tank’s elevation. The Mayor said because there is no pressure reducing valve, the city is unable to allow water from Tyler Schools’ tank to the city.

Delauder said it was the first boil order that has been put in effect since he was elected as mayor.

Many residents were notified about the boil order via telephone alert. The Mayor asks that anyone who wishes to have your number added to that list to please place get the appropriate forms from City Hall.