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Lifeguard of the Week

By Staff | Aug 3, 2016

SISTERSVILLE – Allison Wable grew up being able to walk to the city’s pool where she has worked since she was 16-years-old five summers ago.

“I think it is great that our little small town has such a nice pool,” said Wable who has served as lifeguard for the past three years. “And it’s something for kids to do during the summer.”

Wable, 21, who aspires to be a teacher, said she “likes working with kids in a different kind of environment than a classroom setting.” A junior at West Virginia University, Wable is majoring in elementary education with an emphasis on math. She hopes to teach at a middle school, perhaps in the Tyler County schools – the same system that taught her the skills needed succeed not only on in the classroom, but at the pool. She’s saved five kids this summer who underestimated 4-foot depth at the end of the slide.

“Slide duty can be hard,” she said. “Most kids think they can touch the bottom right there when they come off the slide, but when they can’t, they get scared.”

Back in the day when Wable was attending Tyler Consolidated High School, she was a formidable athlete. At 5-feet 9-inches tall, Wable was front and center in front of the net for the Silver Knights’ volleyball team. Wable’s height allowed her to defend, destroy and dominate those poor fools who dared to challenge the Silver Knights. She was First Team All State in Volleyball for two years straight. Wable also played basketball for four years and ran hurdles, relays and more for the track team.

Perhaps Wable’s competitive streak is why she likes the movie “Remember the Titans” – a story about a high school football team in Alexandria, Va. The movie stars Denzel Washington, an African-American, who takes over the newly integrated football program and challenges the players to work together.

Wable said she liked the movie because the players and the team had to “overcome adversity” to succeed. Looking ahead to when she enters the classroom, Wable said, “A lot of my future students and players will have to do that too” – overcome obstacles and adversity so as to achieve their dreams. Wable vows that she “will be there to support them” on and off the playing field.

Wable’s last name should sounds familiar to many in Sistersville and Tyler County. Her family’s car dealership, Wable Ford, is a hop, skip and a jump away from the pool. Her parents are Scott and Tonya and her grandfather Robert.

Wable, who grew up tall and right and never knowing a stranger in her hometown, said, “There’s nothing better than a small town community – everyone helps everyone.”