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A New Queen Is Crowned

By Staff | Aug 3, 2016

MIDDLEBOURNE – A Friendly woman was crowned late Monday evening as Tyler County Fair Queen.

Seminole Weekley’s blue eyes lit up the moment she was named as the new queen. She had a big smile on her face as she was crowned by last years’ queen, Tori Anderson, on the stage at the fairgrounds. Ten top-notch contestants competed in the pageant. First runner up was Bryanna Munoz while Second runner-up Miranda Taylor with Third runner-up as Asia Richmond and Fourth-runner up as Oceanna Smith. Brooke Wright was named as Miss Photogenic. Morgan Maston was crowned as Miss Congeniality.

“Absolutely yes It was a successful pageant,” said Melissa Smith, pageant director and a former fair queen. “We had a great group of contestants and I would have been pleased with any of the winners. Thank you, Tyler County, for another wonderful Monday night of pageantry. As director, I strive to make our representatives feel like true royalty. I look forward to working with everyone! See you next year.”

For more pageant photos, see pages 12 and 13. To see a video of Weekley’s interview moments after she was crowned, please see the Tyler Star News Facebook page.

Weekley, 17, the daughter of Allan and Dessie Weekley, is a senior at Tyler Consolidated High School.

“I’m so excited to be representing such a wonderful county,” Weekley said moments after being crowned. “It feels amazing (to be crowned as queen). I’m so glad I get to meet all kinds of people this week and have a great time.”

Weekley has been a pageant favorite since she was a little girl. She was a finalist in the Tyler County Fair Queen pageant last year.

“This is not my first time competing in pageants,” she said. “I’ve been doing pageants since I was the age of five. This is also not the first time I’ve competed for the Tyler county fair queens pageant. I did it last year and got third runner up. This year I was blessed to win queen.”

Weekley said she looks forward to meeting people as queen.

“The thing that I think I’ll enjoy the most is getting to meet all the wonder people of our county,” she said. “I don’t believe that I will have anything that I don’t enjoy about the fair because our county has an amazing fair and offers something for everything.”

The new queen gives high praise to the past royalty.

“I do believe I have big shoes to fill from our previous fair queens,” Weekley said. “Last year, our 2015 Tyler county fair queen, Tori Anderson, did a wonderful job at representing our county. She is a kind hearted person who has done amazing things not only for our county but other counties too.”

Weekley wore a stunning pink evening gown the kind and quality that one might see at a formal reception inaugural ball reception in Washington, DC. The gown was elegant, classy and memorable.

“As for picking out my pink gown I wore tonight the credit goes to my mom,” she said.

“Mom is always there for me and giving her input on what she thinks is best for me. I’m so thankful to have her in my life.”

Though it was late Monday when Weekely was crowned as queen, she was not tired.

“As for me getting any sleep tonight,” she said. “I probably won’t because I’m still so excited about being crowned the 2016 Tyler county fair queen.”

Early the next morning, well … the newly crowned queen was still living in the moment. Who can blame her?

“I only got a few hours of sleep last night because my brain kept thinking of all the things that were going to be ahead of me since I now hold the title of being Tyler county fair queen,” Weekley said.