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A Queen of Queens’ Advice: Be Yourself

By Staff | Jul 20, 2016

MIDDLEBOURNE – Though you’d never know it from Brandy Glover-Frye’s humble demeanor, there is a pageant queen living and working in Tyler County. Not just any pageant queen either, but a lady who has captured major crowns across the state including Ms. West Virginia USA Second runner-up.

A few years back, Brandy Yvonne Glover Frye was just a farmer’s daughter who was attending Tyler County High School. During her pageant days, this brunette, blue-eyed beauty would be crowned as Tyler County Fair Queen which is one of the most per-eminent titles a young lady then or now can win.

She was also crowned as Miss Pirate, Miss Interstate Fair, Strawberry Festival Queen and Miss Harrison County.

A resume of titles like that qualifies any queen candidate for the big show the West Virginia Association of Fairs and Festivals long considered the state championship for pageant competition. Tyler County’s own Glover-Frye conquered and was crowned as queen of queens in that competition. Then it was the Ms. WV USA pageant – the best of the best.

Today, Glover-Frye is a longtime beloved teacher for Tyler County Schools. Her son, Julian, graduated as a valedictorian in May from Tyler Consolidated High School and will be attending WVU in the fall.

No one can deny that Glover-Frye is an expert at pageant competitions. Her very bearing of grace, civility and humility speaks volumes about her time in the spotlight. She said girls get involved in the pageant competitions to win scholarship money.

“Sometimes the fees to enter pageants can be steep but if they are true “scholarship” pageants it can be worth it,” she said. “I remember the Alvy Community Club being so supportive that they raised over $1,000 for me to use for entry fees, travel and more so I could compete. I still consider myself truly blessed to have been raised on Indian Creek by a wonderfully amazing family in a supportive community! For me, pageants paid off because I was able to use my scholarships and graduate debt free from college.”

Glover-Frye said there are many things a prospective pageant competitor needs to do to earn the crown.

“As far as preparing for the interview process, I worked to perfect my resume and tried to stay current on what was going on in the world,” she said. “Take advantage of the interview process, it will improve your skills for future job interviews.”

Don’t forget the wardrobe.

“The evening gowns have to be expensive,” she said. “I was a title holder for several pageants which required an elaborate wardrobe and much travel. I traveled the state of WV pretty extensively for most of my college years As far as my wardrobe, I had a vision and love for clothes and lots of times I would sketch out what I wanted and my mom, Pamela Glover would make it. My mother is a talented seamstress and was always able to make my designs even better than I had envisioned. I did purchase a few gowns but the ones my mom made were always my favorites.”

Like a star athlete, Glover-Frye said family support is essential to success.

My parents, Stanley and Pam, were very supportive as were my sisters Ramie and Corrie,” she said.

Being a queen is an amazing experience.

“I enjoyed representing different fairs and festivals around the state and was glad to have the opportunity to share information about the uniqueness of each,” she said. “Fairs and festivals are important because they serve as public relations liaisons for the event they are representing.”

Glover-Frye said all of her tiaras hold special meaning, but being Miss WV Interstate/Mineral Wells and Miss WV Strawberry Festival/Buchannan were two of her favorites!

Tyler County Fair Queen was the crown that set the ball in motion.

“Being the Tyler County Fair Queen was the stepping stone that gave me the experience I needed to be successful in winning: Miss West Virginia Interstate Fair, Miss West Virginia Association of Fairs and Festivals, Miss West Virginia Strawberry Queen, Miss Harrison County, and Miss West Virginia USA runner up,” she said.

This queen’s crowns are not gathering dust in some glass cabinet – and that speaks volumes as to her values. “My nieces have my crowns save one – I do still have My West Virginia America, Miss Harrison County Crown because I liked what the America system stood for, scholarship! When I was the WV Strawberry Queen there was an elaborate coronation at Wesley Chapel in Buckhannon, WV, and I was given a queens scepter, my niece Riley uses it as her magic wand bippity boppity boo!”

This local icon of pageant glory has some advice for what it takes to be a good queen, which is perhaps words of life to live by.

The best queen is “Someone who does not conform to what they think the judges are looking for; It is important to just be yourself!”