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Town of Middlebourne Seeks to Lease Property from Board of Education

By Staff | Jun 8, 2016

At Monday’s meeting of the Tyler County Board of Education, Middlebourne Mayor Charlie Delauder informed the board he had been in discussions with Superintendent Robin Daquilante and Treasurer Jeff Davis about leasing property from the board for the construction of a water storage tank.

Delauder said the water tank would hold 175,000 gallons of raw water and would be located near the scoreboard at the soccer field. He said if approved and once finalized, a temporary road would be built to move the tank on site for construction as the tank would have to be shipped in parts.

He asked the board for a minimum lease of 50 years stating that is the normal life of a tank. Once completed, a 6 foot fence built around the tank with three strands of barbed wire at the top for protection. He stated the temporary road would be removed and the area reseeded. The water storage tank would provide for a safer drinking supply for the community.

Board Member Jimmy Wyatt asked what kind of temporary road was proposed and Delauder answered it would be gravel. If everything goes as planned, the construction would start in November or December. No official decision was made at the meeting, but the lease proposal is in the works.

The main concern seemed to be that the road and tank didn’t interfere with the soccer field. Delauder said once the road to the site is removed, the city workers could walk to the tank to make sure the controls are working and that would really be the only need to go there. He said the tank would be controlled by radio frequency valves from the water treatment plant.

Wyatt asked if the tank would interfere with the scoreboard and he was told it would be located behind the scoreboard. Delauder said the road would come in behind the goal posts near the entrance to the field.

Superintendent Daquilante said she and Davis discussed the lease at length and she doesn’t see a problem with it. The board agreed and Wyatt said he just wanted to make sure there was a legal contract to avoid any future problems.

Delauder provided the board with a picture from Thrasher Engineering of the proposed Middlebourne Municipal Water Works Storage Tank displaying KNIGHTS in large lettering near the top of the tank.

In other business, the board approved 2016 Lady Knights soccer schedule, the 2016 middle school volleyball schedule and the 2016 TCHS golf schedule. Also approved was a request from David Weekley to use the Tyler Consolidated auditorium and commons area to hold a bridge dedication ceremony and reception on July 23.

Golf Coach Joe Griffith was approved to hold the annual Junior Golf Camp at Sistersville Country Club from June 13-15. Suzette Miller, TCMS principal and Ryan Walton, TCHS/MS athletic director were approved to allow sixth-graders at TCMS to participate in cross country, cheerleading, volleyball, boy’s basketball, girl’s basketball, wrestling and track.

Barbara Vincent was approved to use the Sistersville Elementary School cafeteria, gymnasium, music room and restrooms on July 16 to hold the WV Oil and Gas Festival Queens Pageant.

Neil Munoz, from Infinity Fitness, was approved to use the track and weight room at Tyler Consolidated High School from June 10 through July 25 to hold a track and field camp for athletes. Conditioned upon policy.

Becky Ruble from the Middlebourne Baptist Church was approved to use the field across from the post office on July 23 to hold a family fun day for the community.

TCMS Principal Miller was approved to use the Tyler Consolidated High School gym from July 25-28 to host a volleyball camp conducted by Marshall University Volleyball Coach Mitch Jacobs.

Golf coach Griffith was approved to allow any players who want to accompany him to the rules clinic to do so. Approval was also given for the following drivers for meets – Tracy Summers, Kelli Potoczany, Assistant Coach David Tucker and Coach Joe Griffith. Also approval was given to take team members for a practice round at locations of the LKC, OVAC and regional tournaments, plus to hold an end-of-season dinner for the athletes.

The board also approved all requests for employment, transfers and rescissions and the release of students from Tyler County Schools pending approval from Wetzel County Board of Education. Students seeking approval to attend Tyler County schools were also approved pending approval of the Wetzel County Board of Education.

The next regular meeting of the board of education will be held at 7:30 p.m. Monday, June 16, at the Tyler County Board of Education Office located on Dodd Street in Middlebourne.