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Paden City Pool Poised to Make Big Splash for Summer

By Staff | Jun 8, 2016

Photo Provided Volunteers banded together to do the jobs needed to re-open Paden City’s pool in the near future. Tentatively, the pool will re-open June 10.

PADEN CITY – The city’s Park and Pool Board held a special meeting Friday to revisit opening the pool.

Recently, the board decided to close the pool due to a lack of lifegaurds and other concerns.

The community expressed reservations about the board’s decision and offered a strategy to re-open the pool. When the board met Friday, it decided to re-open the pool in the near future pending city council’s approval.

Council approved the board’s recommendation Monday to re-open the pool as soon as staffing was in place and other essential details were completed. Tentatively, the pool will re-open June 10.

During Friday’s board meeting, city’s Public Works Supervisor Josh Billiter, who is the licensed pool operator, detailed how the pool is safe to open and described how the pool works. He also dispelled rumors about the pool. He said the pool has covers on the drains at the bottom and it is compliant. The skimmers work and will not harm a child. The Paden City pool does not use a vacuum system, so the suction is much less, but even if the city did, swimmers would be safe, he said.

Paden City Mayor John “Hoppy” Hopkins and his wife Barbara were busy Saturday, along with many other volunteers, getting the pool ready for the summer.

Residents presented the board with their findings. The board learned of the names of five certified lifeguards who can work and three to four people who are willing to get their certification. Residents spoke of volunteers who are willing to manage the pool at no cost. And a bank account for donations and fundraisers will be established.

After hearing from the citizens, the board decided to re-open the pool with a tentative June 10 start date.

Saturday, about 20 Paden City residents, and Sistersville Councilman Alex King, came together for the first work day.

Mayor John “Hoppy” Hopkins and his wife Barbara were among other volunteers getting the pool ready.

Mayor-elect Joel Davis offered high praise to the volunteers for their service.

“It was a huge success and a lot was done to get it ready for opening,” said Davis, a member of the Park and Pool Board.

Davis said local businesses have expressed their support. Chen’s Garden saw it on Facebook and brought a cooler full of refreshments and lent a helping hand. Later in the day Domino’s fed the working crew at no charge, he said.

After the work was over for the day, a post was made listing some items that are needed. The Tasty Freez in Paden City will be donating two crockpots and treated plywood for table tops that need replaced, Davis said. Donations of needed items and money from residents is pouring forward.

“I am proud to see how everyone is coming together,” Davis said. “This is just the beginning and I look forward to what the future brings.”