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Salutatorian’s Speech by Kyle Frum

By Staff | May 25, 2016

Ladies, gentleman, and my fellow classmates, welcome to the graduation of the class of 2016 at Tyler Consolidated High School. My name is Kyle Frum, the salutatorian of the class of 2016. I would like to start by saying how honored I am to be representing this fine school of Tyler Consolidated High School.

The first point I would like to make is of how grateful the class of 2016 is for the teachers and staff that we have had throughout school. As students we at times could be stressed out or angry with our teachers, but truthfully you are the real reason we made it this far.

If you didn’t care as much about our future, we wouldn’t be as strong of people as we are today. You have given us 12 year’s worth of lessons and a great learning environment.

To be a top student of my class was a very challenging process because of just how great of a class we are. To be in the top 15% of the class you even had to carry a G.P.A greater than a 4.0. The amount of students taking honors level courses is extremely impressive, and this is great evidence to show how hard working my classmates are. Also, our class had great involvement in many of the extracurricular activities that the school provided. It seemed that in every club, sport, or activity there were multiple students from the class of 2016. Overall, I don’t think I could have excelled in this class the way I have without the continued support from my family and friends.

Winston Churchill once said, “success is not final, failure is not final: it is courage to continue that counts.” In our endeavors post-graduation, all of us will face some sort of adversity or struggles in our future. We as a class have been prepared for these situations through high school, and almost all of us have been in a situation where we had to face a problem and step up and get the job done. Whether in the future you are pursuing further education, joining the workforce, joining the military, or whatever future decisions you make, you cannot let one issue or struggle keep you down. As proud members of the graduating class of 2016, you cannot let any opportunities slip away.

You know our lives can be compared to a test that we all had to take at some point. We all remember at some point walking into gym class and your gym teacher announced that you were going to take the pacer test that day. This test is very similar to the lives we live in, and our years through high school are very similar to the first few laps. In those first few laps, many of us didn’t even really have to try, but after a while you would have to run faster and it got more difficult to keep up. Now that we’re are out of high school, life will be at times will be more stressful, and at times repetitive, but we have to push through in order to succeed. So although many of us put varying degrees of effort into the pacer, we should all work hard in life to be successful even if it does get progressively more difficult each lap.

In conclusion, I hope we are a class that makes a difference to the community and even the world around us. We all have a variety of skills and traits that we can use in order to be successful in life, and we have to use all of them to the maximum of our potential. Let the class of 2016 at Tyler Consolidated be the class that makes a difference.