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Bringing Experience To Tyler Clerk’s Office

By Staff | Apr 27, 2016


MIDDLEBOURNE – Teresa “Terry” Hamilton is a Republican candidate for Tyler County Clerk in the May 10 primary.

Hamilton, who has worked more than 23 years for the county and seeks a second term as clerk, said she is running for re-election to a job she very much enjoys.

“I bring experience to this position and I am working on my 23rd year in the County Clerk’s Office,” she said. “Since being elected in 2010, I have served as your County Clerk. Working with the public has been a real passion for me, having worked in Tyler County Magistrate Office as a temporary assistant, summer help in the Sheriff’s Tax Office, Emergence Election Official for Tyler County. Having this work experience has been a great help in guiding the public to the correct office for their needs.”

Hamilton set goals when she was elected as county clerk that she thinks are beneficial to the office’s operation.

“My first goal was to preserve the record books and that meant getting them scanned so as to preserve our history for everyone,” she said. “I prayed a lot for the first goal because I knew the goal would require a lot of expense. I was going to do it in stages, hoping to get grant money. A blessing came to the Citizens of Tyler County in the form of a donation from the Oil and Gas Associations. Prayers are answered.”

Hamilton graduated from Pennsboro High School class of 1973 and attended WVU Parkersburg. She has an education background in psychology and human relations which she feels has been a worthwhile tool in helping to understand the public’s needs. As such, Hamilton’s second goal was having the clerk’s staff cross trained so as to be more effective for the public.

“My employees have worked very hard together cross training each other,” she said. “I could not ask for a better staff.”

Hamilton sought to move Estate (last wills and testament) to a more private place for the family in their time of mourning and to find more space for folks doing research in the oil and gas industry.

“My third goal a private place to open Estates required asking the County Commission to use the Commission room, when no one else is using it,” she said. “We are very limited for space …When the courthouse was overrun with oil and gas abstractors and brought into the public eye through state and national news, my staff and I came up with the solution to meet the demands in an orderly manner. I have proven I can meet goals and make decisions in tough situation.”

Hamilton is a longtime resident of Tyler County and lives on a farm in Shirley with her husband Gary.