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Furbee Seeks 3rd Term As Tyler Prosecutor

By Staff | Apr 20, 2016


MIDDLEBOURNE D. Luke Furbee is running unopposed for Tyler County Prosecutor in the Republican primary.

There are no Democrats running for prosecutor in the primary scheduled for May 10, so Furbee will be the sole candidate in November’s general election.

Furbee is seeking election to a third consecutive term as prosecutor.

“I look forward to continuing the important work of being your advocate and representing your values in the court system,” Furbee said. “I look forward to continuing the important work of being your advocate and representing your values in the court system. I am grateful for all the support I’ve received in the past in this mission and hopeful that I’ve earned another opportunity to serve.”

During Furbee’ tenure as prosecutor, he obtained convictions for manufacturing controlled substances, attempted breaking and entering of a pharmacy, destruction of property, burglary, sexual abuse by a person in a position of trust, domestic battery, malicious assault, attempted murder, retaliation against witnesses, operating a meth lab, conspiracy and child abuse resulting in injury among other circuit court trials. Furbee said he has assisted law enforcement in shutting down several meth labs in the county which have resulted in multiple convictions and prison terms for those responsible.

Furbee said alongside other local enforcement agencies, he is engaged in the creation of a multi-jurisdiction drug task force.

“Ninety percent of crime is drug or drug related,” he said.

Furbee said he has also had the honor of being appointed as a special prosecutor in Marshall, Ohio, Pleasants, Wetzel and Wood counties, where he has obtained convictions against an elected public official and a police officer, as well as convictions for manslaughter and other serious crimes. He said he has protected the Tyler County treasury by obtaining a dismissal of a questionable lawsuit and helped secure a tax payment in excess of one million dollars from a bankrupt energy firm.

“I believe my office has established a reputation, not only in the county, but in the entire Ohio Valley, for fearlessness, competence and just results, which is always the product of being honest and upholding fairness in everything we endeavor to do,” said Furbee, who first elected in 2008. “Eight years ago, I said I was going to address drug crime in the county and I have. My office, in conjunction with law enforcement, has prosecuted and convicted more drug felons in the last seven years than at any time in the county’s history. We will never completely eradicate the desire for drugs this is a public health issue, not a law enforcement issue. We can not only guarantee that making them and pushing them here will not be tolerated. Those that have met with indictment for doing so know the score.”

Furbee is an alumnus of Tyler Consolidated High School, class of 1996. After high school, Furbee attended Glenville State College and earned an associate degree with honors. He spent a year working as a licensed apprentice embalmer and funeral director.

Furbee returned to college in 1999 and earned a bachelor’s degree with honors in 2001 from Marshall University. Furbee graduated with a law degree in 2004 from the West Virginia University College of Law.

Furbee is a member of the administrative board of the West Virginia Prosecuting Attorney’s Association and he is beginning a three-year term as a member of the Board of Governors of the West Virginia State Bar, representing Marshall, Pleasants, Tyler and Wetzel counties. Furbee is also president of the Wetzel-Tyler County Bar Association.

Furbee is a member of Alma-Ripley Chapel United Methodist Church. He and his wife, Ashlee, are expecting their first child later this year.