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Chaplin Runs As Write-in For Tyler Sheriff

By Staff | Apr 6, 2016


SISTERSVILLE Steve Chaplin is running as a write-in candidate for Tyler County Sheriff.

Chaplin’s name will not appear on the primary ballot.

Chaplin and his wife Nancy have two children and they live in Friendly. He is a retired carpenter who grew up in Missouri, but moved to Tyler County several years ago.

“I’m running for sheriff because I love Tyler County,” he said. “I see some things that are going on that are being overlooked. I think that we have a serious drug problem that needs to be worked on. I feel within the county with my help and my guidance that we can help curb that down to a minimum. You’re never going to get rid of it, but you can sure curb it.”

Chaplin said he wants to be proactive in curing the county’s drug problem.

“During my 13 years of being retired, I have seen a lot of stepping stones to a great start to removing the drugs and the thugs and get our county back to what we used to have,” he said.

Chaplin, 51, said he has law enforcement experience related to vocational training when he was in high school. Chaplin said he brings passion and a desire for results if elected.

“I’m honest and very passionate about what I’m doing,” he said. “You should vote for me because you will see a big result at the end of my term of what I’ve done for the Tyler County Sheriff’s Office and the county. If elected, I want to address the drug problem and the misleading of other officers to the public of their can’s and cant’s. The public will not be told this is a civil matter, they will be told the truth.

Chaplin expressed concern “about the answers citizens are getting of certain issues arising from proceedings that start with a 911 call and end with a finished product through the courts.” And Chaplin said he would like to “see more efficiency from the sheriff office.”