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Rice Is Re-Elected As Mayor

By Staff | Mar 30, 2016

SISTERSVILLE – The ballots are counted in the city’s municipal election

Mayor Bill Rice ran unopposed and he was re-elected Thursday to a fourth term with 42 votes, according to official results from City Hall. The mayor presides over council and serves a two-year term.

“I look forward to my next two years because I think we will begin to get some of our water infrastructure taken care of,” he said. “I am very happy that the people of Sistersville felt I am doing what I can as their mayor”

Four of the city’s eight council seats were chosen by less four dozen voters. Each councilman will serve a four-year term.

The new councilmen, all of whom ran unopposed, are: Bob Gilmore (First Ward) with eight votes; Greg Gage (Second Ward) with 14 votes; Alex King (Fourth Ward) with 12 votes; and Brandon Chadock (Fourth Ward) with seven votes.

According to the Tyler County Clerk’s office, Sistersville’s two voting precincts have a total of 1,468 registered voters. City Recorder Chad Edwards said 43 people total voted in the election.

The low voter turnout from this year’s municipal election didn’t go unnoticed.

“While I appreciate those who voted in each of the four wards, there could have been a better turnout,” said Councilman-elect Alex King. “Even when an election is uncontested, people should vote and then get involved.”

King said the Mayor ran unopposed “because the effectiveness of his leadership these last few years is evident” based on the policies and initiatives taking place at City Hall which include steps taken to improve infrastructure.

“Mayor Rice believes in a transparent government and welcomes the public to join each effort,” he said. “If you walk into a federal or state building and ask how you can take part, unfortunately you’ll get a funny look. If you walk into the city building and ask how you can take part, you’ll get a smile and guidance in the right direction. Great things are happening in Sistersville, but we still need your help. The more included, the better served.”

The newly elected councilmen will be sworn-in during the April 4 meeting.

“I look forward to serving the third ward and the people of Sistersville on a proactive city council,” King said.

Gage is prepared for the challenge.

“I’m really looking forward to serving on council and being a productive part of Sistersville,” he said. “I want to thank everyone who had faith in me and supported my election to council. And I want to thank the poll workers who put in a long day for this election.”

Chadock said the new council is poised for action.

“I am looking forward to working with current and incoming council representatives to address the issues at hand,” Chadock said. “There are tough decisions ahead but, by working together, we can steer the city forward.”

Gilmore was unavailable for comment before press time.

Edwards said he is grateful to the the 15 people who helped him get though the election.

“I couldn’t have done it without them,” he said.