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Three Candidates in the Running for Tyler County Sheriff

By Staff | Mar 23, 2016

SISTERSVILLE – Trevor Tallman is the sole candidate in the Democratic Primary for Tyler County Sheriff.

The primary election will be held May 10.

“I am running for Sheriff because I feel compelled to serve the good citizens of Tyler County,” Tallman said. “Given today’s challenges with the drug epidemic and operational asset shortfalls, I believe I can make effective change within the Sheriff’s Department to bring forth results. I possess the ability to recognize the issues and with an analytical approach, teamwork and the openness for new ideas. The department under my watch can be a standard setter and a model to emulate for other law enforcement agencies across the state.”

Tallman, a lifelong resident of Tyler County, is married to Mariana Tallman and they have three sons.

A 1989 graduate of Tyler County High School, Tallman is the owner/operator of two county businesses Conaway Lake Grocery LLC. and the Meadeville Mall LLC. Tallman said he has extensive law enforcement/public service experience as a former Bethlehem police officer and as a corrections officer with the West Virginia Division of Corrections.

Tallman said a vote for him is a vote for effective change.

“The challenges we are faced with need addressed within a manner that considers the ‘bigger picture'”, he said. “The picture far too many times can lack vision to look at all the available resources, new ideas, voices of the citizens and if elected I intend on leaving no stone unturned to address these challenges in a firm and timely manner while understanding those affected, especially the victims of criminalistic behavior.”

Tallman said he wants to make the sheriff’s department a stronger institution.

“If elected, the goal is truly simplistic in nature; to leave the office when my term is up better than I found it,” he said. “I will do this with an unrelenting attention to the issues we face. Working together, we can make Tyler County a safe and secure place to raise our families, form relationships, and leave to the future generations a place to proudly call home.”

Three Candidates in the Running for Tyler County Sheriff

By Staff | Mar 23, 2016

SISTERSVILLE – Dean Pratt is running as a candidate for Tyler County Sheriff in the Republican primary.

The primary election is May. 10.

Pratt has served with the sheriff’s department since 1997. As Chief Deputy, Pratt supervises six deputies which work 24/7 near and far throughout the county. A lifelong resident of Tyler County, Pratt is married to Patty and they have one son. Prior to a career in law enforcement, Pratt worked many years in the timber industry.

“I love serving the people of Tyler County that why I am involved in law enforcement,” he said.

Pratt has extensive criminal investigation experience and has worked with area law enforcement to make many arrests that have led to convictions.

He was the lead investigator while with the federal Drug Enforcement Agency on a multi-million methamphetamine trafficking investigation which led to nine federal indictments. When the last homicide in the county several years ago, Pratt conducted the investigation which led to a conviction. Pratt is the only candidate who is certified by the state as a law enforcement officer.

Pratt said he is running for sheriff to maintain a high standard of law enforcement.

“For the better part of my life, I have served the people of Tyler County,” he said. “I served as a volunteer emergency medical technician with the Alma and Middlebourne emergency squads for 14 years. For the last 18 years, I have served as deputy sheriff in the Tyler County Sheriff’s Department. I wish to continue to serve Tyler County by providing the citizens with a high standard of law enforcement.”

Pratt said people should vote for him because he has the experience and qualifications to do the job.

“I am the only candidate running for Tyler County Sheriff who is a West Virginia certified law enforcement officer,” he said. “This certification gives me the experience and training necessary to perform as your sheriff in a knowledgeable and professional manner. I have served as a Tyler County Sheriff deputy for the last 18 years. I have gained very valuable experience and maintained all levels of training required by the West Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards Committee.

If elected, Pratt said he hopes to take aim at the county’s drug problem.

“I hope to provide a sheriff’s office that is accessible to every citizen of Tyler County in an effort to combat our ever growing drug epidemic,” he said. “I hope to provide a sheriff’s office that functions efficiently by maximizing man power on our roadways to deter the criminal element from finding a place of business in our county.”

Pratt said he wants to create a special task force that deals with the major crimes.

“I hope to establish a Drug/Violent Crimes Task Force with area counties to better serve the citizens of Tyler County in an effort to fight and deter drugs and violent crimes in our communities.”

If elected, Pratt said he wants to be accessible and do his best to serve the county as he has always tried to do.

“As your sheriff, I will be accessible to the citizens of Tyler County and will utilize the sheriff’s office to protect the citizens to the best of my ability,” he said.

Three Candidates in the Running for Tyler County Sheriff

By Staff | Mar 23, 2016

SISTERSVILLE – Brian Weigle is a candidate in the Republican Primary for Tyler County Sheriff.

The primary election will be May 10.

“It is my desire to serve the community and give back as your sheriff ensuring citizen confidence,” he said. “My reason for seeking election to the office of sheriff is to help make Tyler County a better and more secure place for all of us to live and raise our families. I believe each citizen should be treated with respect and the issues that are important to you should be recognized.”

Weigle is a lifelong citizen of Tyler County and has been employed by Mon Power with 10 years of services as a lineman. A 1990 graduate of Tyler County High School, Weigle is married to Kelly Little Weigle and they have two daughters.

Weigle said he intends to be dedicated public servant who emphasizes service to the citizens.

“I want to build confidence between the Sheriff’s Department and the good people of Tyler County by earning their trust and establishing a fair and honest reputation,” he said. “As sheriff, I will manage a very proactive and professional law enforcement that is dedicated to the community’s needs.”

Weigle said people should vote for him because he wants to make a difference by providing top quality service.

“I am aware of the challenges and complexities facing law enforcement in and around our community. That is why my goal is to protect and preserve Tyler County,” he said. “I believe that with my leadership, that the women and men of the Sheriff’s Tax Office and Sheriff’s Department will focus upon goals to serve the citizen and make a positive difference. The time is now to develop a level of service, second to none.”

Weigle pledges to do more to attack the drug problem.

“Tyler County, like elsewhere in the country, is facing a severe drug problem,” he said. “It is almost impossible to eradicate this problem completely, but I will do my best to get this problem under control. Being proactive and building a presence in the community is my vision and I have a plan of action to achieve this.

Weigle said he wants to treat everyone the same.

“I will work hard to provide fair, honest and equitable treatment for all citizens of Tyler County,” he said. “I will exhibit a compassionate and responsive attitude toward the community and express a genuine desire to satisfy the needs of the citizens of this county. The Sheriff’s Star represents a symbol of public trust and to serve is an honor and privilege and I promise to do so with integrity.”

If elected, Weigle said he wants to restore confidence in law enforcement.

“Sadly, citizens nationwide have lost respect for law enforcement agencies,” he said. “I will do my best to earn the citizens’ confidence and respect for the Tyler County Sheriff’s Department. I will interact with the community to generate mutual understanding to ensure that there will be public support and crime prevention.”