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King Seeks Third Ward City Council

By Staff | Mar 9, 2016


SISTERSVILLE – Alex King is running uncontested for the third ward seat on City Council.

The city’s non-partisan election is slated for March. 24.

King, a native of Sistersville, graduated from Tyler Consolidated High School in 2008 and West Liberty University with a bachelor’s degree in communications/broadcasting in 2011.

King said he seeks a council seat because he is passionate about public service.

“I am running for council because community work is a passion and hobby for me,” he said. “These past few years I have been fortunate to serve on the Sistersville Parks and Recreation Board and the Sistersville Ferry Board, learning a great deal from others with similar, community-based interests.”

King said an inclusive City Hall that values citizens’ input is what makes Sistersville special.

“The more successes we have, the more people will want to become involved,” he said. “I’ve seen that correlation, and it’s inspiring. A government working with the people and encouraging them to apply their own insights and talents can infinitely improve our quality of life, and our city is doing a fantastic job fostering that sense of inclusion. I say we keep going! Each successful effort we complete together should serve as energy for the next step. As a council representative, I look forward to seeing that trend continue.”

King said people people should vote for him because he is knowledgeable about City Hall and the town where he grew up.

“Although the election is uncontested, it is important to exercise your voting rights and support the process,” he said. “I also encourage everyone to get to know the new candidates who will be serving their wards. In terms of my experience, I am a former assistant to the city recorder I left after I took two other great jobs and I continue serving on city boards. I also have a vast knowledge of municipal government and community-based organizations.”

King described himself as a pragmatic optimist who seeks to build a consensus aimed at serving the public good.

“I’m a quick learner with a healthy balance of optimism and pragmatism,” he said. “The best solutions are often creative and take advantage of resources we already have here. During my service I will continue to expand my knowledge, bring people and resources together, do my best to relay important information to the public, and above all else listen to the public.”

King supports Mayor Bill Rice’s plans to improve the city’s water infrastructure.

“I have heard a lot over the years about water-related issues, and I’m glad that the current administration is discussing steps to do something about it,” he said. No matter where we decide to begin which seems to be the only disagreement at times it will be a long and expensive process. With regulations that discourage municipalities from drawing water from the river, I think it’s important to first get away from the river. Once our daily water usage is down enough to go through the Tyler County PSD, we can continue our focus on the more involved matter of steadily improving our water system infrastructure, such as replacing old pipes. The city is already mapping out the most problematic areas.

Time is of the essence.

“The longer we wait, the more it will cost,” King said. “I’m in favor of tackling this problem sooner rather than waiting and costing the city and citizens more. However, I am always open to hearing from residents of the third ward on the subject. I want to represent them. I will also point people living in the first, second, and fourth wards to their respective representatives.”