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Chadock Runs For Fourth Ward Seat

By Staff | Mar 9, 2016


SISTERSVILLE – Brandon Chadock is running uncontested for the fourth ward seat on City Council.

The city’s non-partisan election is slated for March. 24.

Chadock grew up in Pleasants County and graduated from St. Marys High School. He’s worked full-time at Sistersville General Hospital since 2006. As Director of Operations, Chadock has worked with the leadership and staff to problem-solve and ensure excellent day-to-day service for the hospital’s patients. Since joining the Sistersville Lions Club in 2010, he’s served as vice president, president and secretary while working on local projects including the Sistersville Ferry Raffle, SistersFest Luncheon, Journey Hospice Christmas Project, as well as painting playground equipment in the park.

Chadock said he is running for council because he enjoys public service, particularly for the community where he lives.

“After working, shopping and volunteering in this town for many years, I’ve fallen in love with it and want to contribute to its progress and prosperity while staying true to the town’s unique character and history,” he said. “Buying a house here has allowed me to set roots as a proud resident and opened the opportunity to get directly involved in maintaining the historic value and charm of a postcard-worthy community. Rockwellian atmosphere aside, the town has a list of challenges which can’t be ignored and which need people to step up if they’re to be fixed.”

Chadock said people should vote for him because his experience at the hospital and volunteer groups makes him uniquely qualified to serve on council.

“I believe that my professional and volunteer service has given me the tools to lead, work with others and promote a promising future for Sistersville,” he said. “The leadership of the local boards and departments needs council representation that can both lead and listen. I look forward to working with my fellow Council members to address the needs of our community and its citizens while developing short and long-range strategic plans that will benefit our the entire community. I am uniquely qualified and committed to working hand-in-hand representing the needs of the citizens and business owners.”

Chadock said improving the city’s infrastructure is important to the city’s survival.

“Failing infrastructure is a critical agenda item; ignoring a dilapidated water system is sounding the death knell,” he said. “I can’t definitively say what I believe the best course of action is at this time, but addressing the water system must be a top priority. This issue must be thoroughly studied with all options vetted, including short and long-term costs and potential savings, efficiency and operational considerations. I will know more at the next City Council meeting after watching the planned presentations.”