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Peters updates commissioners

By Staff | Oct 26, 2011

Eric Peters of Tyler County Development Authority addressed members of County Commission Tuesday morning with an update on the Industrial Access Road.

“We were approved for $400,000 in funds in 2009,” explained Peters, “but for the continuation of the road we needed an additional $200,000. That has now been approved, as well.”

Peters asked commissioners to sign a supplemental agreement for completion of the road, which is located off Route 2. The agreement carries no liability for the county, Peters added.

“Private investment funds are pretty much in place,” he told commission. “These funds will be used for matching supplemental funds to the grant.”

“The need is growing out there (for the access road),” said Commission member John Stender.

“Yes, activity has really picked up,” agreed Commissioner Charles ‘Pork’ Smith.

“I don’t expect it to slow down, either,” added Peters. Currently the gravel road is used by several area industrial companies. Paving the road will begin in the spring.

“As soon as the asphalt plants open in the spring, we can open the bidding process,” explained Peters. “The maintenance will be done by the West Virginia Dept. of Highways,” he added.

Commission approved signing the agreement.

Greg Jadwin of AirEvac, also present at the meeting, was awarded a contract agreement by commissioners to provide emergency evacuation coverage to all Tyler County employees, with the exception of elected officials. Those elected officials do have the option to purchase the coverage privately.

“Hopefully, this is something we won’t have to use,” said Charles ‘Pork’ Smith, “but it’s a good policy to have.”

Jadwin noted there had been several air evacuations in the county in just the past few weeks.

“Being a rural area, these evacuations can be a life-saver,” said Jadwin. He thanked commission for contracting for the services.

County Clerk Teresa Hamilton requested and was approved to apply for grant funding which will be used for the preservation of courthouse records. The grant funds can total up to $5,000.

Sheriff Earl P. ‘Bob’ Kendle, Jr. spoke to commissioners concerning payment for extradition of prisoners, noting there was not enough funds in his budget to cover expenses.

“We have three prisoners to be extradited here to Tyler County – two from Arizona, and one from Oklahoma,” he explained to commission.

“This is a rare occurrence,” he noted, “and it’s just too far, and too expensive to send our own deputies all that way.”

“I contacted a company we have used before, from Texas,” he added. “Their costs are cheaper than what it would be to send our own manpower. They will deliver the prisoners directly to the regional jail,” he told commission.

“It’s our legal duty to pay the fees to transport our prisoners,” remarked County Commissioner Eric Vincent.

Some discussion was held as to where funding would come from, and it was noted that the recently received methane coalbed taxation funds might be used. Commissioner Vincent requested Deputy Clerk Amy Glover look into the details on how the funds may be used.

Sheriff Kendle also noted the 911 truck had sustained some damage when it struck a deer, which had been repaired. Kendle requested reimbursement for the repairs. Commissioners approved both requests by the Sheriff’s Office.

The newly hired Family Resource Network Director was introduced to commissioners by Russell Evans during the meeting.

Patsy Kersteder, from Delaware, has recently relocated with her family to the county to begin her new position.

“I’m going to work very hard to update the county’s resource directory,” she told commission.

“I want to have a very up-to-date resource for the community,” she added. Kersteder added she was enjoying being in Tyler County and is looking forward to being an asset to the area.

Commissioners welcomed Kersteder and wished her success in her new position.

John Stender noted the absence of OEM director Tom Cooper at the meeting was due to the FBI’s recalling the local team for another evidence search in Lewis County. The deployment is in regards to continuing operations and information gathering concerning a missing 3 year old girl.

“They (the search team) did an exemplary job the last time,” noted Pork Smith. “We got nothing but good comments about them.”

Continuing with his report to commissioners, Stender noted the gutter repairs to the courthouse were completed, but cautioned there might be problems in the future, saying the person contracted for the job stated the gutters had been hung incorrectly when installed.

“He’s the second guy who’s said they were hung wrong,” said Stender. “It’s something we need to keep an eye on.”

Stender informed commission he’d attended a meeting with new interim County Extension Agent Veronica Wilcox.

“She has a lot of things she wants to do,” said Stender. “She’s no roookie. I think she’s got a lot on the ball.”

Stender discussed improvement projects to the Tyler County 4-H camp with Wilcox. “I told her we want to upgrade our facilities, so it can be used year round,” said Stender. “We need to do some work to the bridge, among other things.”

County Commissioner Eric Vincent gave his report to commission. Vincent told commissioners he’d attended the recent MOVRC meeting, where the major topic of discussion was concentrated on federal cutbacks in grant funding.

“MOVRC is being pro-active about the situation, looking ahead to procuring alternated avenues of funding sources,” said Vincent. “For the next few years, federal funds will be scaled back. MOVRC is pursuing innovative ways to supplement funds for the area.”

In commissioner Pork Smith’s report, he informed commissioners he had received a letter from the North Central Regional Jail concerning the per diem costs at the facility. “The per diem remains the same for the 2013 fiscal year,” he said. “That cost is $48.80 per day.”

Smith also noted he had received notice that the Dept. of Homeland Security had approved grant funds for the county and that a check for $1,500 “is on the way.”

Patty Weekley addressed commissioners at the conclusion of the meeting, requesting a temporary date for the employee Christmas party.

“We need to make some plans now, if we are going to have a Christmas dinner,” said Weekley. “I’ve talked to the other offices, and we’ve agreed Dec. 13 would be a good tentative date for the event.”

“We will firm up the date after Nov. 3,” added Weekley, noting the circuit court schedule would be known at that time.

“Where are you wanting to have it?” asked Pork Smith. “Will we do it the same place as last year? That worked out well for everyone.:”

Weekley agreed to contact the Friendship Hall where the dinner was previously held to check on availability.

“We will sent out invitations after Nov. 3,” added Weekley. “We are also planning to decorate for the Christmas holiday following our Thanksgiving break.”

Commission approved plans for the holiday dinner to go forth.

In other matters, the Special General Election results of Oct. 4 were certified by commission; exonerations and clerk’s fiduciary report approved; budget items in credits of $500, (county commission); $1,411 (county clerk’s office); $414 (OEM); $250 (donation, Sistersville General Hospital); and credits/reimbursements of $358.50 and $3,154.00 were all approved. Payment of bills were authorized, and the meeting was adjourned.

Those in attendance included: Commissioners Eric Vincent, Charles Smith, and John Stender, County Clerk Teresa Hamilton, Deputy Clerk Amy Glover, Prosecuting Attorney D. Luke Furbee, Assessor Jack Hayes, Sheriff Bob Kendle, Russell Evans, Patsy Kersteder, Greg Jadwin, Eric Peters, Patty Weekley, and others.